Indus Net Techshu is now a Premier Google Partner
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Indus Net Techshu is now a Premier Google Partner

By Mainak Biswas November 14, 2016 - 2,544 views

We are pleased and honored to announce that Indus Net Techshu, an Indus Net Technologies Group Company has achieved Premier Google Partner status. What makes the achievement more laudable is that Indus Net Techshu is the only company from Kolkata that is a premier Google Partner. This momentous occasion was made possible by the efforts of our employees, who have long delivered online ad services, including Google AdWords. Our commitment to digital marketing campaigns has helped companies across the world to generate leads, prospects and see higher conversion rates. We believe this occasion is just right to give you a brief idea about what it means to be a Google Partner and a Premier Google Partner.

What is a Google Partner?

To be a Google Partner means that Google recognizes your company as an AdWords certified partner. In short, to state that you are a Google Partner or a Premier Google Partner enables you to display to your clients your expertise, spend requirements, revenue growth and other parameters that will help you to gain new clients. All this is done by displaying a badge and having a listing on Google’s partners list. In order to gain the badge, you will first need to join Google Partners program. Once you demonstrate adequate AdWords skills and expertise, and once you meet spend requirements, revenue growth and client base, you will achieve Google Partner status.

There are a number of benefits that come with achieving a Google Partner status. Some of them are:

  1. Display your badge on your website and elsewhere so that everyone knows how good you are at Ad Words
  2. Be listed on Google Partner Search website and have a custom profile which helps you gain more clients
  3. Be invited to important events and get-togethers hosted by Google
  4. Gain access to support and training so that you can serve your customers better
  5. Achieve company-specific specializations

What’s the difference between a regular Google Partner and a Premier Google Partner?

We mentioned earlier that Indus Net Technologies has been recognized by Google as a Premier Google Partner. You might now wonder what the differences between a regular and a premier partner are.

A regular partner needs just 1 affiliated individual who is certified in AdWords. A premier partner is an agency which can demonstrate that it has 2 or more affiliated individuals certified in AdWords. A regular partner has to meet an AdWords spend requirement of just $10,000 in a period of 90 days. A premier partner on the other hand has to demonstrate that the company or agency is engaged in higher levels of activity. Premier Google Partners also have to meet higher AdWords revenue and growth, and demonstrate that their customer base is growing rapidly.

This means, a Premier Google Partner such as Indus Net Techshu is a high-caliber, large enterprise that can deliver continued and sustained growth and results when it comes to digital marketing and AdWords campaigns, which regular Google Partners cannot.

Look for agencies that are Premier Google Partners

A Google partner is an individual or an agency that can demonstrate special skills and expertise with respect to Google AdWords. A Premier Google Partner has higher levels of goals and expectations from Google and only on meeting these goals are these agencies awarded a premier status. If you would like to learn more about how Google AdWords can help you achieve your business and marketing goals, or if you would like to learn how to become a Premier Google Partner, do not hesitate to contact us.

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