Nurture Your Organizational Ecosystem to Boost Workplace Productivity

Nurture Your Organizational Ecosystem to Boost Workplace Productivity

By Mainak Biswas September 22, 2016 - 1,731 views

A lot of people disagree with the proposition that corporations are people too. Of course, they are not people, because they are not sentient. However, corporations are run by people, for the interests of people, and they belong to people. An organization, functions quite similarly to a human being. Just like we have organs and they all work in tandem, even though they are parts of different systems.

Our bodies work like organizations do

For example, the digestive system and the reproductive system are different, but they share the same body and work for that body. Similarly, the marketing department and the accounts department are different, but they work for the same organization. All these different parts and sections of an organization make up for its ecosystem. In fact, an organizational ecosystem can be described as that which is influenced by the organization, and that which influences the organization.

With this definition, we can understand that there are internal and external ecosystems. The internal ecosystem of an organization consists of its employees, departments, infrastructure, and everything that is owned or hired by the organization. External ecosystems include the larger community, clients, customers, competitors, the city where the office is located, and even the government and the world at large. When we talk about organizational ecosystems, we are talking about all that is connected to an organization, both internally and externally. It is important to nurture this ecosystem to boost workplace productivity.

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Why nurturing your organizational boosts workplace productive?

Organizational ecosystem consists of all your employees, contractors, freelancers, the infrastructure you own, etc. Now, when you nurture these separate and disparate entities, you are ensuring their well being. Just like we need to nurture our internal organs with proper diet and exercise, we need to nurture our employees and staff, and replace parts and infrastructure when they are ailing. This boosts productivity by ensuring organizational health.

When ecosystems are nurtured, their health is ensured. Health in organizational jargon refers to productivity. As long as a company is functioning properly, we can say that it is a healthy organization. This also means that all entities within the organization are productive. So, it should not come to us as a surprise that when we nurture organizational ecosystems, we boost productivity, both directly and indirectly. This should lead you to start treating your employees better, replace those old computers, contribute to the community where your business is located, and of course pay taxes as required. All these little things boost productivity whether we realize it or not.

No matter what you do, it is important to remember that we do not live in a vacuum. We not only have to nurture ourselves, but also the immediate surroundings in which we live. Same is true with organizations too. To be productive and healthy, you need to nurture your organization and all its components, and also ensure that you support various entities that surround you externally. This helps in boosting not only productivity but also enhances work culture.

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