Alexei’s Tales: Russian Temporary Developer and Big 5 Personality Traits
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Alexei’s Tales: Russian Temporary Developer and Big 5 Personality Traits

By Mainak Biswas August 05, 2013 - 1,693 views

Each time we have hired a temporary employee or a web developer, we have noticed they often tend to be guarded about the way they work, guarded about what they choose to tell you and guarded about a lot of other things as if someone is always holding up a gun behind their neck. Probably meeting with demanding clients make temporary workers guarded or maybe it is a deeper sense of insecurity which encourages them to be guarded always.

Alexei’s story

Alexei (full name withheld at request), a Russian web developer was recently at a conference we attended. He seemed jovial, relaxed, and tended to be forthcoming and open to all questions that were posed to him by his clients, colleagues and others. His writing is open too and he does not withhold information or tips & tricks. What he does, he gives it away. If he knows a particular trick in web development that saves time, he gives it away to other developers. He does not worry about losing his clients to his colleagues because he knows he always has something more to offer than his rivals.

Alexei and the big five personality traits

The reason why we are discussing Alexei today is his trusting, open and giving nature. These three qualities are hallmarks of any entrepreneur if they truly want to be successful. A closer observation of Alexei and his archetypes reveal very secrets about the way dedicated hiring interviews must be conducted. Here are the 5 qualities that we noticed, an agreeable dedicated employee has on personality dimensions. We may also note that these 5 personality dimensions are listed in the psychological tests NEO-Five Factor Inventory (NEO-FFI) and Revised NEO Personality Inventory. The tests measure the big five personality traits:

• Extraversion

• Agreeableness


• Neuroticism

• Openness to Experience

What were Alexei’s personality traits?

As we noticed, Alexei was neither an extravert nor an introvert, though he tended to be introverted on busier days and extraverted on weekends. He was very agreeable, always offering his telephone number to clients, guests and new friends. What the heck, he even offered to drop off a group of visitors at his desk when they could not book a cab. He was conscientious as in, he was always dutiful, disciplined and his words always seemed measured, though he displayed a sense of spontaneous behavior that was otherwise not seen in others.

Of course, he proved to be organized and dependable as well. Sometimes he would fidget, break into a sweat or hesitate to reveal his worries especially when he had something big in his mind. Oh, and he liked to bungee-jump and engage in adventure sports. These qualities typically make him one of the most admirable entrepreneurs and professionals. Below are the 5 qualities which we deem most important to the hiring and recruiting process.

Extraversion and Introversion

 A web professional can either be an extrovert or an introvert and this does not matter too much. However, a person who needs to engage with the public a lot may need to be more extraverted than introverted.


A dedicated employee must be likeable like Alexei. He or she must make the extra effort to be nice and not just be fake-nice.


A dedicated employee who is disciplined, hard working and dutiful will always go a long way in making sure that projects are completed in time.


A person who is neurotic may tend to be anxious, fidgety and always on the edge. A person who scores low on this dimension may be calm, peaceful and relaxed. Is neuroticism a bad quality in a temporary worker? It is not. Neuroticism has been linked to creativity and an urgency to finish up tasks, which are positive qualities. Certainly, Alexei was one of the most neurotic individuals that we have ever come across.

Openness to Experience

An individual’s openness to experience new ideas, feelings and discovering new people make him adventurous and a go-getter. Those who are open to new experiences learn more things, discover new ideas and are always ‘well-oiled’ when it comes to staying abreast with the new.

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