How to Avoid IT Outsourcing Glitches and Interruptions

How to Avoid IT Outsourcing Glitches and Interruptions

By Mainak Biswas May 23, 2014 - 538 views

IT outsourcing has reduced costs, improved production and boosted revenue for most companies. By outsourcing non-core IT functions, companies have managed to focus on their core activities and ensure a better financial report. However, IT outsourcing is not perfect. There are a number of risks associated with outsourcing your critical IT functions.

What risks can IT outsourcing pose and how can you deal with them?

There could be security risks, data related risks and sometimes, even financial risks. However, it is not outsourcing that must be blamed for these problems. Instead, IT outsourcing glitches and interruptions happen even if you keep your IT functions in-house. The key is to take necessary precautions before something undesirable happens. A lot of people have also wondered why there are so many software glitches these days, when there were very few initially.

The answer to this question is as simple as that of why there are more people now than a hundred years ago. There is more number of people outsourcing ever more IT functions and non-IT functions are being computerized, increasing IT functions tremendously. Naturally, we hear of reports of software glitches and interruptions. Nevertheless, there are a number of things that you could do in order to reduce the number of software glitches. Here are a few:

Ensure high IT quality and governance

IT governance is a very important part of IT outsourcing. Even before you outsource your work, you need to have IT governance set in place. If you are not able to write your own IT policies, speak to an agency that specializes in IT governance. IT governance involves policies and rules about how best to handle a company’s IT functions.

Automate software development

Software development can be automated, if you choose to invest in the right tools. There are a number of tasks that do not need manual coding. A computer will be able to do a lot of things that earlier required an IT developer. Software development can be undertaken by automated systems in order to reduce costs and also to make sure that human errors are ruled out.

Automate software testing

Software testing can be done using simulators. While manual testing is required, it is always good to run software programs on simulators as well. These are quick and effective methods to make sure that your software program is running the way it should. Instead of spending a lot of money on manual testing, you could outsource it to an organization that is equipped with superior simulators.

Focus on IT governance

IT governance must be given special focus and policies need to be updated time and again. The level and complexity of IT governance should depend on existing laws related to security and data as well. It is mandatory to consult specialists before writing IT policies for one’s own company. With an effective IT governance in place, glitches and interruptions can be avoided mostly.

Increase the levels of IT security

There is a lot of attention given to IT security lately. IT security needs to be understood from a number of perspectives. The country where your outsourcing partners are located might have excellent security systems in place. However, they might come under attack from third parties. Make sure that your outsourcing partners have good encryption systems. It is important to make sure that IT security is given the importance that it deserves.

A lot of thought and deliberation must go into IT governance and IT outsourcing. It is not recommended to go ahead with IT outsourcing and just forget about it. There are a number of things that you as a client can do in order to make sure that your outsourcing partners are doing what needs to be done to stop interruptions and glitches. Always remember to speak to your partners before you sign agreements related to IT outsourcing.

A little planning and a few questions can take you a long way in ensuring that your IT and data remain safe & secure. With so many threats in place today, it is always better to be careful; and that requires a little work from you before outsourcing your IT functions to an agency.

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