Banking & Finance News Wrap | Weekly Snippets

Banking & Finance News Wrap | Weekly Snippets

By Soumya Banerjee July 14, 2023 - 69 views

✅ AI and machine learning join forces with financial crime programs to take security to new heights. It’s time to stay one step ahead of fraudsters and safeguard your assets.

✅ Emirates NBD and Microsoft are reshaping the banking industry, making it more seamless, secure, and customer-centric with the use of new age tech.

✅ Mastercard’s latest AI-powered fraud risk solution is teaming up with nine UK banks to stay one step ahead of fraudsters.

✅ Elon Musk takes us on a journey into the uncharted territories of artificial intelligence with his new AI startup. Led by a team of handpicked experts, Elon’s AI startup holds the potential to transform various industries.

Banking & Finance News Wrap
Banking & Finance News Wrap

Stay informed with our comprehensive Banking & Finance News Wrap. Get the latest updates and insights from the industry in one place.

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