Can a Mainstream Artist Help You Design a Niche Website?
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Can a Mainstream Artist Help You Design a Niche Website?

By Mainak Biswas July 14, 2014 - 735 views

Tech pundits have always looked at art with suspicion. It has always seemed divergent, adventurous and completely opposite to objectivity. In spite of these differences, art in its original form has much to contribute to science and technology. In fact, design is a form of art too. Design is the practical and commercially viable form of art where as art exists for the sake of art.

What can web designers learn from art and artists?

Web designers have much to learn from art and artists. Studying art history and learning about the different époques will help a budding designer to understand the nuances of different art movements. Each art movement had something to offer to modern design. The Bauhaus style of architecture inspired many web designers to employ those techniques in their websites.

Many web designers often employ surrealistic methods while designing their websites. It is not uncommon for web designers to pore through various art techniques and various art movements in order to seek inspiration and fuel imagination. Yet, modern day web designing does not, usually, consider artists their wilder cousins. Mainstream artists, such as painters, collage artists and conceptual artists often can provide ideas that are completely unique and charming.

Hiring a mainstream artist and its various benefits

Hiring an artist to help you design a website can be a very good idea, especially, if you are looking at designing websites that are beautiful, thought-provoking, and websites that have the ability to move people’s feelings. Art is supposed to provoke emotions, move people’s feelings and make them think. While websites provide information and help drive traffic, they must also be able to make people think, emotionally touch them and appeal to their senses.

If you doubt your artistic skills and yet you design websites, it is probably time to work with mainstream artists in your next project; and if you are going to work on a niche website that requires a statement to make, it almost becomes mandatory to work with professional artists to develop a manifesto and an abstract that clearly explains the art behind the website.

Artists help to re-imagine websites

When websites are built, we often look at only the technical aspects of designing. It could be about the technology we choose, the graphic designing techniques we employ or the SEO aspect of designing, which is very important too. While all the factors are important in designing a great website, what is more important is the fact that one needs to leave a work of art behind for the client.

When a niche website is asked, it needs to help the client to find a niche for themselves with the help of their websites. That is only possible with the help of an artistic vision. Mainstream artists can help you to re-imagine websites that you already have in your mind. Speak to an artist and discuss your vision for a website. Their inputs and creative ideas can set your website apart. You do not have to physically get them to design a website.

A simple artistic consultation can help you to re-imagine an ordinary website in a very artistic manner; and that act of re-imagining will help you to set your website apart. At the end of the day, art alone can make things unique and special. It can turn even the most mundane object in the world to something unique and special. Similarly, art can help you to re-imagine your ordinary website in a completely different aspect altogether.

Mainstream art brings centuries of art history and movements

Speaking to a mainstream artist will encourage you to learn more about art history and the various movements which were part of its history. The Centuries old movements still have a place in design and the techniques that were perfected in the middle ages can find a place in today’s websites.

That beautiful painting, which you saw at the Sistine Chapel, could inspire you to create a website that is, specifically, designed for a niche audience. Similarly, Frida Kahlo’s portraits could help you to re-imagine a corporate website from an artistic point of view. Learn about art history and the various movements that were part of it, until postmodernism.

If not anything else, art history will teach you to look at the world from different points of view and it will help you to learn that any object can be perceived from a number of perspectives, each special in its own way; and that is very important in making sure that an ordinary website transforms into something really unique. Every art movement can be used as fodder for inspiration when it comes to designing websites.

Finding a niche could be all about finding your favorite artist

When clients request for niche websites, what they are really looking at is being able to target a niche audience and hopefully, make them visit often. In order to create niche websites, it is often necessary to understand the target demographics and their dominant culture. All cultures are influenced by one or the other form of art.

Each form of art and each style of art have its proponents & pioneers. By choosing your favorite artists who are known for their contributions to particular art movements, you can learn more about how they viewed lines, shades, colors and images. This re-imagination will help you to look at web designing from a perspective that is often not found today among professional web designers.

It is rather unfortunate but there needs to be more interest among designers to learn about conventional art history and find their favorite artists who can inspire them. Some of the most important artists who can prove to be particularly useful when it comes to web designing are Frida Kahlo, Claude Monet and Salvador Dali. Take your time to find what you are really looking for.

Art sets your website apart

We are all used to seeing corporate websites that are staid and proper. However, when it comes to making a mark, one has to rely on art. Art can be extremely elegant and refined. That is, perhaps, one of the reasons why companies need to begin to look at art as a source of inspiration to getting their websites designed.

Most companies try and be as staid & proper as possible. While staid websites have their own advantages, there is a special charm to websites that are inspired by mainstream art. Specifically, art can set websites apart and make them look special. Even with just a hint of art in places like where the logo sits or where the menu bar is placed can make a huge difference.

It is often misunderstood that art makes websites look unprofessional. On the contrary, art can make websites look very corporate and for that, one needs to consult with mainstream artists. It is possible to pick and choose between various art movements, find inspiration in art works by famous painters and finally, discuss options with artists who will be better able to guide you with the path that you need to take.

Current status of hiring artists for web designing projects

Artists can be expensive. It is not easy to find an artist who will suit your taste and budget. Artists are becoming increasingly popular among web designers and for that reason alone, it might have already become expensive to hire them. Nonetheless, with a little effort, you will be able to find the right artists who will help you design websites that will appeal to a niche audience.

Before you hire an artist, make sure that you understand the various art movements and schools of art. You need to know which kind of art interests you the most so that you will be able to find the right artist for your project. Some of the art movements that are particularly suited to web designing are cubism, surrealism, post-modernism and pop art. You need to probably spend more time at a gallery that displays Andy Warhol recreations or a museum where the real works of art are displayed.

Choosing works of art and art movements that appeal to you will help artists to help you as well. As art history is a very wide and broad arena, you sometimes at least need to understand what kind of art you like & how you prefer to employ that in your web designing project. Using art in web designing can be particularly satisfying, both professionally and personally.

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