Common Landing Page Mistakes that Businesses Commit
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Common Landing Page Mistakes that Businesses Commit

By Mainak Biswas June 06, 2016 - 1,703 views

One of the common refrains in business circles is that landing pages are tricky and that they just don’t seem to work. The reason why they may not be working is not because there is something inherently wrong with landing pages. There could be something inherently wrong with the way the landing page is built or written.

Certainly, one should know better by now and design landing pages that are more attractive and optimized for conversions. One may think landing pages are easy to build and publish but it is not really so. A lot of thought must go into building them.

Otherwise, there will be glaring mistakes that could, unfortunately, have been avoided. In this article, let us take a look at some of the most common blunders that companies make while designing landing pages. Reading these mistakes will help you to probably avoid them on your own website.

  1. Headlines that are sloppy

Nobody is going to read text that follows a sloppy headline. Headlines can make or break even a respectable journal’s article. When it comes to your landing page, you should be all the more careful because people probably don’t even know your brand even if they have arrived at your page. Even if you are a well-known brand, people would not like to proceed further if they see a sloppy headline. Most people scan through pages and look for headlines, subheads and such. That is the reason it is important to write catchy headlines that express the ideas in the landing page succinctly.

  1. Provides no overview

A good website should orient the visitor towards what he or she is about to find. In other words, a landing page should clearly tell the visitor what he might expect to find in your company. This means the text should be written in such a way that your visitors will be oriented towards your company and its focus. This helps them to familiarize themselves with whatever you are offering, and will likely convert more easily. However, a lot of websites do not provide any overview. Instead, they simply publish text that is unreadable and lacking in focus. This isn’t an intelligent way to deal with landing pages.

  1. Focus on your call to action

A lot of times, companies forget that they are dealing with a visitor who should willingly take an action. Even the slightest distraction or confusion can cause the visitor to not take any action. One of the main reasons why they do not take action is because your landing page probably lacks focus. To build focus into your web page, you need to start having deeper conversations with your content team, who will be the ones to write what goes on the landing page. Certainly, it makes sense to have a hand-to-hand with your content marketing team with respect to landing page content.

  1. Benefits are not made clear

When someone visits a landing page, they should know why they should take an action in your favor. This means they should know what the benefits of your products and services are. State very clearly, without any falsehoods why your customer must choose you. The entire landing page text should serve as an evidence to your benefits and usefulness. However, a number of companies do not make their benefits clear. This confuses the visitor and they may lose focus and stray away to another website. This can lead to loss of prospects. This is a very common problem associated with landing pages.

  1. Readability is below average

Many landing pages simply look ugly. They just do not have the right font or space or even size of the font. Choosing the right size and style of font is very important if you want to impress readers. Most importantly, the choice of font and its size has a subliminal impact on your readers and visitors. This is why a number of companies fail at landing pages even when they probably have great content. Appearances do matter and when it comes to readability, it is a lot more than just appearances. It goes to the level of being able to read what is written quickly. That means you should choose readability over many other things.

  1. The narrative is not logical

Most of the times, visitors expect to find a logical narrative within landing pages. They expect an introduction, a text that orients them to what you expect them to do, and a button that leads them to do what is required. This is a logical sequence. Yet, we see a number of landing pages that are illogical. They may have call to action buttons even before landing page text is placed. This confuses the visitor and will probably drive him or her away. Make sure that your landing page narrative is logical and in sequential order.

  1. The landing pages aren’t technically built well

Everything might look good and you may have the best content possible. However, if you do not have landing pages that are built well, chances are, no one will remain long enough to read what is published. This is mostly because the images are not reduced in their sizes and they take a lot of time to load. The coding of the website is probably not efficient and it probably takes a lot of time to load. It may be many other technical errors that may be causing your website to load slowly. When this happens, people simply lose interest and do not take an action to your call.

Avoid the blunders

There is no excuse to repeating the same mistakes that we keep repeating. It is important to learn from one another and also from helpful content that is already published about how to build great landing pages. If you can avoid making the same mistakes that others have made and if you can build attractive, informative and crisp landing pages, you will certainly shine as a business, and you will be able to get hold of many more leads than you possibly expected to do.


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