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Indus Net Academy – A dream rolls out

By Mainak Biswas May 17, 2007 - 3,674 views

There has been a lot of talk over the BIG IT talent pool in India. Every bureaucrat and market research agency in the country shows towering numbers of colleges and students that they produce.

But the burning question is – Is this talent employable?

The biggest challenge Indian IT industry faces today is the ever-growing gap between graduating engineers and employable graduates. If not checked in time, it might result in a lost opportunity for India Inc. as opportunities will not wait and move towards economies that provide more employable talent at the best ROI.

The main reasons for this gap are:

  • Low motivation for top experts to take up teaching as a profession.
  • Outdated syllabus, course curriculum, infrastructure, teaching methodologies and content!
  • Little or no emphasis in making people “life long learners”, primarily because education is spoon fed in most institutions.
  • Privilege to “best education” has been made available to selected class.
  • Poor use of technology to spread education to rural areas

There is a lot to rant about the negatives, which we all do. I never liked the way education is imparted in our country and always wanted to grab the first opportunity to change the same.

I am taking a humble step towards my dream project by launching Indus Net Academy in the third week of June 2007. I have coined the slogan as “New Age Education”, which is timeless and conveys the feeling behind the project. The initial academic setup will be in a small area of 1000 sq feet, which will be extended as we mature and generate more demand.

Indus Net Academy has been housed in SDF Building, Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata for the following reasons:

  • Close to the industry!
  • Easy availability of successful professionals who might like to share their experience and knowledge.
  • Ease of management, since Indus Net Technologies(INT.) is also located on 4th and 5th floor of the same building.

The purpose of Indus Net Academy can be summarized as follows:

  • Create employable talent
  • Continued education for working professionals
  • Accumulation & distribution of knowledge
  • Rural education

(From now onwards the team behind Indus Net Academy is being termed as “We” instead of “I” since many key members of INT. thinks about the academy the same way that I do and are working tirelessly to make it a success.

Initially, Indus Net Academy will start with career oriented professionally taught courses on:- Web Design, Web Development & Internet Marketing. The course will be taught by experts who are practicing these subjects at Indus Net Technologies and serving clients from all over the world. Teaching methodology will be a mix of classroom based core concept delivery, self paced study, research and discussion on important ideas, lab sessions and practical tips from practitioners of “how things are done in real life”.

We are further backing up the courses taught in Indus Net Academy with guaranteed jobs by joining hands with companies who need the “industry-ready talent”.

Since we have in-house professional talent available in Indus Net Technologies, we chose to start with subjects related to Internet industry. As we move ahead, we expect professionals from different walks of life to be a part of this movement and make a difference – to make the “new age education” dream a reality!

Will keep you posted. Looking forward to a bright future…

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