#DigitalSuccess : Why is CRO necessary for a Business?
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#DigitalSuccess : Why is CRO necessary for a Business?

By Syed Zainul Haque April 05, 2018 - 1,646 views

We have launched a #DigitalSuccess program, where we are sharing lots of interesting ideas, tips, techniques to achieve digital success in your business.

We hosted our first #DigitalSuccess Q&A session on 28th March. Our CEO Abhishek Rungta interviewed Arun Agarwal, CEO ebizIndia. Arun is an industry veteran and an expert on Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). The program was broadcast live on Facebook as well as on Twitter.

Here are a few key insights from the session on Conversion Rate Optimization for Businesses. 

1. CRO is a blend of Technology and Psychology of the potential customer. Both the elements complement each other to improve the conversions at scale.

2. On the mobile version of the website, you should put a mobile-friendly call to action buttons like tap-to-call, tap-to-text in addition to forms for your potential customers. This improves the customer experience and makes the lead generation process more efficient.

3. CRO experts not only have to plan the strategy taking inputs from the CEO or marketing people but they should also connect with customer-facing people (like salespersons).

4. Instead of relying completely on psychological mind tricks, it’s better to use clear messaging and keep the content minimal in terms of length to attract potential customers.

5. Challenge in CRO is having the volume data. If you get a good amount of traffic coming to the website, then it’s possible to experiment with 10-20% of the visitors to understand the performance rather than risk losing heavily on conversions for a bad sample.

6. On your landing page, talk about the pain and gain of the potential customer. This makes the “engagement” more effective.

7. is one of the websites recommended by Arun Agrawal to follow if one wants to excel in CRO.

For more insights, you can watch the full episode here –

We are coming up with more such sessions. Stay tuned!

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