How is #DigitalSuccess different from #Digital?
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How is #DigitalSuccess different from #Digital?

By Abhishek Rungta April 09, 2018 - 1,866 views

We stand for delivering #DigitalSuccess.

Digital is a technology paradigm, a technology and at times a buzzword, which represents ‘online connected systems’. It is a big change from the old world of coding, which was about getting a firm specification, planning a project in a waterfall model and developing a system to satisfy the needs of the management of the company. Whereas, digital is generally a collaboration platform (or portal) which allows all stakeholders – i.e. management, employees, vendors, clients, etc. to interact, collaborate and get things done. Digital systems generally are external facing and have strong process automation capabilities.

Over years, INT has taken lead in Digital systems over many established players. And the trust of leading brands on INT (over traditional IT behemoths), for their digital needs is a proof of the same.

We are upping the game now. We are now talking about #DigitalSuccess and I am deeply rooted in this philosophy and we all need to adapt to this. The journey won’t be easy, but nevertheless, we will walk this route and make history. #DigitalSuccess is simply about delivering digital initiatives successfully. Sounds simple – but it is not. Digital success comes from a strong focus on users – i.e. customer’s customer and customer’s stakeholders. Any system is only successful when it is adopted and the value is realized while giving the users a delightful experience. This is #DigitalSuccess for us. And we will achieve it.

Today, the technology we build for our clients touches close to 100 million people worldwide. Our goal is to touch 1 billion lives through the technology and systems we build. But, not without making our clients successful and their customer’s delighted. This needs perseverance, pragmatic approach, proper utilization of resources of our own company as well as clients’ as well as building amazing systems right.

We will need to achieve next level of quality assurance, rapid development methodology and the highest level of productivity to achieve this. Let’s go for it. Let’s go for #DigitalSuccess for our clients and #DigitalDelight for all users!

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