Why Every IT Company Must Have a Green Agenda

Why Every IT Company Must Have a Green Agenda

By Mainak Biswas May 19, 2014 - 722 views

Climate change and global warming are realities that all of us have begun to experience in real terms. With increasing cold snaps in the U.S. and extreme hot weather conditions in Brazil & Australia, severe weather conditions have begun to increase at a tremendous rate. Moreover, flooding has been witnessed at unprecedented levels in the U.K. Again pointing towards greenhouse effect and global warming, scientists have noted that global warming will be the primary cause for economic devastation and a gradual loss of whatever we even have right now.

Certainly, things are not looking very great right now. To add to the misery, there are still people who deny the existence of global warming and climate change, leading to a situation where we are not even in a position to go ahead with policy making that ensures that the green agenda is taken care of. As part of the corporate community and as an integral part of the IT industry, we believe that every tech company has to have a green agenda and for its own policies to take care of the earth.

At least, we can stop the progression of global warming when we still can. As we all know, sea temperatures have risen considerably and electronic waste has added to the problem of soil contamination as well. With all these in mind, here are a few reasons why every IT company should have a green agenda, even if the word “agenda” intimidates you.

Because you consume energy

IT companies are energy hungry monsters that suck in more electricity than many small towns do. This is because they need to run servers and computers & there is always some machinery that cannot be switched off. It could be as simple as a UPS or as serious as a dedicated hosting server. No matter what it is, IT companies use a lot of energy in the form of electricity. When there is a lot of electricity that is being consumed and not much is being done to reduce the energy consumption, we indirectly contribute to global warming. Electricity is not produced out of nowhere.

Real water, coal and nuclear fuel are burned and boiled to produce energy; and that causes a lot of global warming than we would like to admit. By reducing the amount of energy that we use, we can easily reduce our carbon footprint. Make it a policy to ensure that your employees or you yourself are not leaving computers switched on. Also ensure that before leaving for the day, all the lights are switched off and the computers are switched off as well. Of course, there are machines that always need to be switched on and we are not talking about that.

Because you use transportation

Information technology companies have a lot of travelling to do. We all need to travel from one country to another in order to attend conferences and seminars. This cannot be avoided. However, if you want to meet a regular client who has just arrived to another town in the country, try to evaluate the situation. Do you still need to fly and contribute towards gasoline burning? Or could you just take an overnight bus ride and leave a smaller carbon print? Or better still, could you just talk to this visitor over the phone and apologize for not being able to meet? Sometimes, we travel unnecessarily and we do not even realize that.

When you do have to travel abroad and need to take flights, make sure that you do not use a lot of cars once you reach your destination. Stay close to the place of conferences or exhibitions and try to walk to the venue. Discover the city on foot or use public transportation. Most cities have excellent public transportation and there is absolutely no need to hire a taxi or a chauffeur. Encourage your employees to arrive on foot or cycle. If they stay far away, encourage them to use public transportation, if that is possible.

Because you produce electronic waste

Whether it is to test a new app or a new interface on a different tablet or you would just want to get rid of old keyboards in your office, we generate a lot of silicon and plastic waste. Much of our electronic waste are toxic and do not disintegrate into soil quickly. If they do, they contaminate soil and water. Old batteries and certain computer peripherals are particularly toxic. Find a way to manage your electronic waste. Even if you have to spend a little more money, make sure that you discard all your electronic waste responsibly. Hire companies that get rid of your electronic waste and pay them well.

It is better to spend money on getting rid of toxic waste than to contaminate an already dying earth. Try to avoid using plastic and do not print as much as possible. Most of the times we can finish reading documents on our tablets or smartphones. It is a very bad habit to print e-mails and documents when they are not necessary to be held in hand. Every major Silicon Valley has dozens of waste management companies who will be able to help you to get rid of your electronic waste.

Because you must set a model to other IT companies

IT companies, usually, do not worry too much about environment and green awareness. It is an unfortunate reality but that is how the industry is. Most IT companies are busy about coding and outsourcing & handling clients. They do not find enough time to form policies that will encourage green awareness and reduce carbon footprints. Hire environment specialists and seek their guidance about reducing carbon footprint. Once you begin to make green policies, get environmental accreditation from recognized environment organizations in your country or city.

That will help other IT companies in your area (especially, your competitors) to follow you. This way, you will not only encourage others to go green but you will also be a pioneer of sorts in making the world a better place to live. We are not saying that all these are not expensive. It can cost quite a lot to be environmentally friendly. That is one of the reasons why people refuse to go green. However, set an example by not being stingy when it comes to being environment friendly.

Because the future belongs to all of us

Whether we want to admit it or not, environment is really spoiled now; and we are responsible for what is happening. If we want to make sure that our future is not jeopardized by extreme weather events and a toxic atmosphere, we need to make sure that we are taking all the right steps. That includes forming an environment policy that ensures that you are being as green as possible. In fact, we recommend setting up a budget, especially for being environment-friendly. It is OK to spend a lot of money on making sure that you are being green. In return, seek certifications and seals that show the world that it’s an environment conscious company.

That will help you earn not only admirers but also clients. Everyone likes someone who is being nice and friendly; and that will ensure that your future is going to be nice and friendly as well. Hire specialists who will be able to evaluate your carbon footprint and recommend you the ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Stick to your policies and educate your employees as well. That will ensure that you are doing your bit to save the world.

What we need to remember is that despite not being associated with industries that let out effluents into water and air, we still contribute a lot towards pollution, environmental damage and global warming. We need town up to our faults and begin to fix things that we are doing wrong. Once we gain insight into our environmental follies, we will be in a better position to form policies that will reduce carbon footprint. Reduction of carbon footprint is not only in the interest of our future but also in the interest of our business. Social and environment-conscious companies tend to be more popular than the ones that just do not care about the world. If you love the world you live in and are nice to it, it will be nice to you as well.

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