Digital Innovation In Banking And Insurance- Experiences From A Startup

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How To Do Digital Innovation In Banking And Insurance? My Experiences From A Startup!

By Abhishek Rungta June 14, 2019 - 1,288 views
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Presented some thoughts on doing successful digital innovation for financial service businesses.

Broad areas where financial service business can innovate during their digital transformation.

How can you put a defined RFP and fixed budget for an ‘innovation’ project? – when the destination ‘might’ be known, but not the path

If you think putting together a great product = battle won, you are in for a rude surprise!

If you are innovating successfully, – monetize – brand – scale – do the next, Because…

Digital transformation is especially important in light of the hyper-connected and constantly changing global marketplace that we live in – with consumer preferences often changing at a whim.

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