How to Use SugarCRM for Sales Force Automation
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How to Use SugarCRM for Sales Force Automation

By Mainak Biswas February 04, 2013 - 799 views

Pleasing your customers and ensuring they return to purchase more of your products and services is what drives most of us to make extra efforts at managing them. However, it is virtually impossible to manage customer relationships unless some of it is automated. This is where we need an affordable and efficient solution and one of them is SugarCRM.

SugarCRM Is Simple, Affordable and a Great CRM Platform

Sugar is not only affordable and easy to use, but almost the industry standard when it comes to customer relationship management. It helps your business to communicate with contacts, access sales related information, close deals and ensure that your customers are happy.

There are literally thousands of companies that have benefited from SugarCRM and they continue to use it every day to ensure that sales and marketing issues are resolved and customer support is provided. It is an open source and web based solution which can be customized easily and adapted according to your requirements. It is great for small, medium and large companies. It can be used on site or in the cloud, and it also good enough for government organizations.

How Can One Use SugarCRM for Sales Force Automation?

When it comes to integrating Sugar for sales force automation, SugarCRM has to be the best software program to do so. The CRM lets you to automate many procedures that will lead to increased cash flow. It helps you to drive sales force performance and share sales data with those who are important. Also, it will help you to build repeatable sales processes which can be timed again and again. By allowing you to reduce sales cycles, it can increase your margins.

Why SugarCRM Is Great for Automation of Sales Force

SugarCRM also helps you to focus on profitable deals instead of those that do not help in the long term. This aspect of differentiation is one of the most useful features of Sugar. Moreover, you will be able to automate sales reporting and forecasting, which is necessary to assure investors and customers themselves.

At the end of the day, Sugar helps you to monitor your business performance metrics, which can be used to ameliorate existing CRM conditions.

Sales Representatives Learn Early and Become More Productive

Sales representatives can go ahead and track and share contacts with those who are useful. They can also list down opportunities using the software and manage and up sell existing accounts. Sales representatives can easily forecast revenue and monitor performance right from a conveniently located dashboard that is filled with various information.

By allowing you to manage quotes and contracts, SugarCRM ensures that you do not have to peer through several catalogues and software programs in order to know what exactly is happening in your register. Thankfully, Sugar also works offline and you can collaborate with the help of Microsoft Outlook. You could also use Lotus Notes and other groupware apps, if you so desire.

The Most Important Benefits of SugarCRM for Sales Force Management

The most important aspects of suing SugarCRM for sales force automation is that it will help you to share sales data to your teams and also to particular individuals. It also helps you to pay attention and focus on deals that are most profitable. New sales representatives can be taught to get into the groove early on. It is a great way to present proposals to clients and customers. Last but not the least, SugarCRM allows you to monitor quota progress and the performance of your business.

With this in mind, we can easily surmise that using SugarCRM for automating sales force is a great idea. It helps a company to stay in touch with clients and customers and also to track the most profitable customers and most prospective clients. This will in turn help you to reduce costs and increase profits.

By being profitable, your company will ensure productivity and it can work the other way too. If you were wondering which CRM tool is the best for your kind of company, do not hesitate to contact us or give us a call. Our professionals will be gladly able to assist you regarding the kind of CRM platform that will be appropriate for your business.

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