Importance of Nurturing Art in Tech Companies
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Importance of Nurturing Art in Tech Companies

By Mainak Biswas June 26, 2014 - 1,738 views

Running a business is not an easy task. There are a number of things to consider and one of them, usually, does not happen to be a purchasing art. Understanding and purchasing art is more important than many CEOs and CTOs might think and that fact is, generally, becoming popular. Companies and business have now begun to understand art and purchase art that represents their work ethos and culture so that they can be displayed at the workplace.

There are a number of reasons why IT companies and start-ups need to begin to consider purchasing art. Art is not something that graces the homes of aristocratic people who have developed a taste for it. Art is a human necessity, as much as it is considered a luxury. Even though art is expensive and not many companies can afford to pay for it, there are a number of reasons why one needs to stretch one’s budget and buy some art to hang on the walls or place them strategically so that employees, visitors and everyone else at the workplace can see it.

In this article, we shall discuss a number of reasons why one needs to purchase art and why art is necessary at the workplace. Some of these reasons might seem outlandish but they are not. Using art in workplaces has been scientifically studied and the results indicate that we all need to be investing more time and money on understanding art & eventually, purchasing them.

Art for the sake of art

Art is never a priority for anyone who is not naturally inclined towards arts or if they are not artists themselves; but art needs to be a priority for everyone, even for those who cannot afford it. The concept of understanding and purchasing art for the sake of art has been in place for a long time. Art in its various forms, painting, conceptual art, sculptures, installations etc., help people to observe, criticize, question, introspect, think and imagine. All of these qualities help people to become more artistic themselves and eventually, builds creativity. Now, who does not need creativity at workplace?

We all do. Before we discuss what benefits we will have when we buy art, we need to understand that if we can afford, we must purchase art, whether we think we need it or don’t. Sometimes, we just do not have the ability to understand the need for purchasing art. Most of the times, all things in life cannot be quantified and art is certainly not something that can be quantified. Its uses and advantages are qualitative and subjective. However, studies show that benefits of art at workplace can be quantified as well.

Art reduces stress

When a group of people were interviewed and asked to provide their input, 78% of them agreed that art reduces stress. Art is, indeed, one of the most therapeutic interventions one can find and it is non-invasive in nature. Art does not require you to do anything. The very fact that you purchased art and placed it on the wall for everyone to see is enough. Those who are disturbed and stressed out might find something pleasant to see. Not that art needs to be pleasant. Art, whether pleasant or unpleasant, piques our imagination, kindles your emotions and makes us introspect.

It distracts us from reality and helps us to forget about certain worries. If we hang paintings on the wall, employees will be encouraged to observe and introspect, instead of getting stressed over deadlines and drinking more cups of coffee or taking cigarette breaks. It will also encourage them to discuss art amongst themselves, instead of probably gossiping about something that is not really productive. Such discussions about art can help build analytical and creative thinking abilities. Certainly, art can reduce workplace stress.

Art increases creativity and productivity

64% in the same survey conducted by the Business Committee for the Arts, Inc. (BCA) and the International Association for Professional Art Advisors (IAPAA) agreed that having works of art at work can increase creativity & productivity. How does art increase creativity? Let us take a look at an example. A young employee who is faced with difficulties at work might wonder how she can resolve her difficulties. She will probably speak to her friend over the phone and discuss her problems. The problems could be related to performance and creativity.

Unless her friend has some knowledge about human behavior, she probably will not be able to help the employee much. Instead, if works of art are hung in strategic places and employees are encouraged to look and observe them when they are faced with difficulties, this employee in question will probably seek the help of art instead of people. She will probably gaze at paintings and art works instead of talking about her problems. In that quiet moment, she might experience epiphanies, leading to creative solutions. Even on a serious note, art encourages us to think creatively and enjoy it for the sake of itself. That alone can help us forget about worries, which, usually, impede creativity.

Broadens employee knowledge and appreciation

It is a company’s responsibility to ensure that the employees learn and grow as professionals. To make sure that employees grow as people, most companies offer courses, training materials and free classes in a number of subjects. Most companies spend a lot of money on training and development. If part of that money is directed towards teaching employees how to appreciate art, things can change dramatically. Art appreciation courses help people to become analytical, non-judgmental, creative and good at criticizing in terms of psychoanalytical theory, feminist theory and postmodern theory among many others.

These professional critiquing techniques help people to become more knowledgeable and when the time to criticize or think logically arrives, they will be able to sue their skills learned while appreciating art. Art appreciation can be held in the form of workshops and art that you bought for the company can be used as subjects to analyze & criticize. At the end of the day, it will help your employees to become more knowledgeable about the world and its follies.

Heightens prestige among clients and customers

Art is always seen as a sign of culture and being sophisticated & refined. When you display good art in your workplace and in your office, people who visit you will find you more refined than others. They will understand that you have a taste for art and that you can think analytically. Art sends subliminal messages to your clients, customers and just about anyone who enters your workplace. It tells people that you know how to appreciate finer things in life. That can translate to increased networking opportunities, ice breaking, conversational topics and eventually, more business. Most successful businesses have some art in their workplace and that is not purely due to accident. It is mostly because they take the time to think of things that are ‘not absolutely necessary’. Thus, purchasing art can lead to a heightened sense of prestige when it comes to receiving guests at office. If you manage to purchase some of the popular art works, your image would not only be boosted but it might also attract more people to your office, leading to increased networking and business opportunities.

What we need to remember is that we need to nurture art at workplace. Nurturing art in IT and tech companies helps in creating better attitudes. It also improves the morale of employees and is shown to enhance the commitment of an employee towards his or her organization. As an increasing number of companies have a lot of open space available, it is better to use that in order to display art. Most employees have revealed that art helps them to remain motivated, cheerful and enjoy the workplace more. A workplace that is devoid of anything artistic will only cause deep resentment among employees. It is also proven that nurturing art at workplaces helps in building creativity and analytical thinking. Both are required to create amazing technological products and services as well. With that in mind, one needs to stress on the importance of art at workplace and the importance of nurturing it. Last but not the least, it helps to heighten your own prestige in the eyes of your clients and customers, when they come to visit you. Invest time and money in art and you will never regret it.

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