Indus Net Celebrates “Gift of Joy”- Travel Beyond boundaries to make a child smile
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Indus Net Celebrates “Gift of Joy”- Travel Beyond boundaries to make a child smile

By Mainak Biswas December 23, 2013 - 1,659 views

Christmas as we all know is particularly an occasion that is meant for kids. With the decorated Christmas tree, Santa Clause, Gifts, Cakes and sheer merriment, the kids enjoy this event with their family and friends. However there are the other kids too who are not so privileged and do not even know what Christmas is. A few such kids are the kids of Sex Workers. Indus Net Technologies took the initiative of letting these children of the sex workers celebrate Christmas just like the way any other child does. The company took this essential step towards fulfilling their corporate social responsibility and this time, it worked in association with Durbar, an association of sex workers and their children. This event, called the “Gift of Joy-travel beyond boundaries to make a child smile”, saw a cricket match between the children of the organization and the INT teams held at the FE Block grounds on 21st December, 2013.


The Event – CSR

This event can be considered to be a welcome extension of the popular Cricket Tournament, called IPL (Indusnet Premier League), held every year by the company. While this tournament has always offered uninhibited fun and enjoyment for all the INTians, the “Gift of Joy” most definitely pleased everyone even more for the joy in beholding the face of a happy child exceeds no other.


The Kids

Indus Net Technologies, through this initiative, made Christmas fun-filled and special for children, whose lives confront them with a lot of obstacles and difficulties. These are children of the sex workers and considering the disrespect society still has for the profession, the children are often deprived of the basic joys in life. While Durbar has been successfully promising these children with a normal life by providing them scopes for education, culture, sports and vocational activities, INT took a small attempt at making the little ones happy for at least one day.


The Primary Reason of the Event – CSR

The primary reason behind why the organization planned such an event is because it seeks to let the children enjoy the flavour of a festival. Donating them money, clothes or even play accessories can be done at any time of the year, but Christmas, a festival essentially associated with the children, is better felt and enjoyed.


Kids Enjoying the Moment

The cricket matches, as part of the event, allowed the kids to play their heart-out. There were other games for the ones who did not participate in the cricket matches. Exciting gifts sponsored by along with refreshments perfect for the occasion was distributed to the children after they indulged in immense enjoyment throughout the day.

All the INTians were tremendously thrilled throughout the week and collected colossal amount of contribution in the form of clothes, food, stationary, toys, bags, winter garments and candies which was later handed over to the Mr. Pintu Maity of Durbar Mahila Samanyan Committee who was ecstatic to receive them.

Indus Net Technologies understands that making the deprived children feel that they are important and that people around them feel blessed to have them is essential. Mr. Abhishek Rungta, the CEO of the company, says “Our initiative would be considered successful if the children go back home with a smile on their face and with the memory of the event imprinted on their memory”.

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Content Credit : Ishani Das

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