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Indus Net Technologies incorporated in United Kingdom

By Mainak Biswas March 28, 2007 - 637 views

Since 1997, Indus Net Technologies has been an online service provider. Our delivery and communication model has always been around internet tools such as FTP, Email, Instant Messangers. This helped us in keeping our costs down and we always passed on the benefit to our customers.  

However we always felt that we could have delivered more value to our discerning customers if we were closer to them. Few advantages we see of face to face meetings are:

  1. Better understanding of your business and project
  2. Indepth technical and business consultancy to deliver comprehensive know-how and options that you have to get maximum benefit from Internet
  3. Assistance in project management
  4. Comfort of interactive discussion in real time which can cut down on timeline for a project
  5. Comfort of getting in touch with us immediately in case of an urgent requirement
  6. Regular update and a better suited website maintenance service

This initiated us to take a decision to go closer to our customers and make bigger positive impact on their businesses.

On March 20th 2007, we formed our first overseas business unit in United Kingdom as Indus Net Technologies Private Limited. This is a 100% owned subsidiary of Indus Net Technologies which is an India based company.

Our company number is 6174001. You can check our incorporation here.

We have already appointed our bankers and accountancy/audit firm. We are in process of setting up a fully operational office at this point, which should be in place by first week of May 2007.

I will keep you informed of the latest developments. Feel free to suggest how you will like our local subsidiary to make things better for you.

Looking forward to serve you and make your business grow.

Abhishek Rungta

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