INTians, Here’s Your Monthly Digest
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INTians, Here’s Your Monthly Digest

By Priyobroto April 08, 2022 - 306 views

What’s New? 

  • We received our first crypto payment from the USA
  • We shifted to a new office building in Chennai and developed the ELCOT e-portal
  • A terrific financial year closure with record results for INT.
  • Exponential Java and .Net hiring for the 2X salary campaign
  • Initiated #CelebratingInnovation campaign

What’s Hot?

What Happened Last Month?

Big News. You are in a Great Place To Work.

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New Buzzes

Data ethics in Insurance Industry

Unfair bias is the biggest issue in data handling. In the insurance sector, the Data Ethics Policy provides a unified framework that helps to use data properly. Read More..


Imagine a world without people and full of computers. So, will there be life? No, because creativity is the soul’s spark. It’s the people who have souls not machines. Read More..

Tech opportunities for Indian healthcare sector

The marriage of Indian healthcare with technology is a productive one, with both parties anticipating a never-ending honeymoon ahead and the opportunities are rising exponentially. Read More..

Banks worldwide are integrating e-money to offer an efficient currency transaction facility to their customers to conduct global money transactions at the speed of thought. Read More..

Holi Celebration


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That’s all folks, we will be back next month again.
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