Life Science & Pharma News Wrap | Weekly Snippet
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Life Science & Pharma News Wrap | Weekly Snippet

By Soumya Banerjee August 19, 2023 - 71 views

✔️ Biotech Firm 10X Genomics is harnessing advanced technology to create advancements that promise to benefit the entire humanity.

✔️ New Delhi-based Premas Life Sciences is fast-tracking the adoption of optical genome mapping technology in India. Recently it has established a distribution partnership with Bionano, a US-based leader in genome analysis solutions.

✔️Mankind Pharma joins forces with AI-generated Anushka Sharma to express heartfelt thanks to our chemist heroes. The campaign created cool advertisements and proved immensely advantageous for chemists, amplifying their presence and elevating their sales.

✔️ Dimensionless Technologies, spearheaded by two IIT alumni is rewriting the supply chain narrative with AushadhAI and is promising to reshape the pharma and healthcare landscape.

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