Why You Must Not Publish Too Many Infographics
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Why You Must Not Publish Too Many Infographics

By Mainak Biswas November 29, 2013 - 533 views

People involved in the website business are divided in their opinions regarding infographics. While some say they are essential to the general website audience, there are a whole lot of people who do not promote their use in the many websites that are about to come up. Truly, infographics are essential for web users, but their need is limited and people should be aware of this and abstain from being heavily dependent on them to convey their message to the readers.

How are infographics essential?

Infographics, if used properly can be highly informative to the readers. This is because the pie charts, histograms, Venn diagrams and other tools used in them aid in the spot-on comparison of different parameters. These tools or precisely, the infographics, if not used can make the readers confused and unable to comprehend the different numerical data and they can be left clueless where the discussion is taking them.

Infographics are better than a long list of numbers that make the website too cluttered and the reader has to make an extra effort -all by himself- to compare and weigh the data. This aspect of not relying on infographics negates the whole purpose of writing for the audience as the written content has to be lucid and comprehensible. Too much jargon and incomprehensible content can shoo away visitors.

This being said, nonetheless, it is advisable not to heavily dependent on infographics to convey the necessary information. Let’s look into what prompts the web designer to curtail its usage in his work in the next section.

Why should the use of infographics be limited?

Here’s why the use of a lot of infographics is not taken in right spirits by many and this alone prompts a web designer to limit its usage in his work.

1. It sends a wrong message to users

Relying too much on infographics conveys a wrong message to the users that the company in question is desperately trying to push products by giving a lot of information. This information –according to them- lacks credibility. This means that your company is a struggling one and is trying to make ends meet at the prospect of luring customers. This being an unhealthy sign, customers may grow uncomfortable using the services rendered by the website. Thus, this infographic thing is surely tantamount to losing a prospective customer.

2. Webmasters shun it and it is not welcomed by many others

The infographics should be designed to fit aesthetically and should fit in the theme of the website. As too many infographics may seem to make the website too cluttered, many webmasters are against the use of it. Moreover, infographics which use gaudy and flashy colors to represent a pie chart, bar graph or other paraphernalia can send the hardwork and creativity of the web designer down the drain- his work may not be taken seriously.

3. They don’t aid in SEO

Every business craves to make itself known and promoted, the infographics do not aid in this prospect because they are purely images. The businesses in question should have a wider reach through marketing and promoting. Hence, it is obvious that they can get quite reluctant to spend such an extra amount of money on informative infographics that do not aid in SEO. Surely, this can result in a tug-of-war between the business heads and people vouching for infographics.

4. Waste of space on the webpage

The use of infographics amounts to a lot of wasted space on the website because of the size of them. They do not have a regular shape too so that the web designer can expect and plan a specific amount of space for it. All of this comes into consideration when infographics are pitted against text at being a bankable option on websites.

It can be at the back of the mind of many persons in the business world that the same space could be utilized for other constructive purposes from their viewpoint. These constructive purposes are obviously texts and other content that can accommodate search keywords or other SEO benefits- these can help in indexing the website on SERPs.


What’s the verdict? The verdict is to think before publishing too many infographics. A few infographics a month sends a message that your company is facts and data driven. However, relying on infographics completely will make a company look absurd and it may also affect the website’s health in terms of SEO. A right balance between publishing too many and too less will help companies in the long term.

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