Power Dressing for Web Design Job Interviews
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Power Dressing for Web Design Job Interviews

By Mainak Biswas August 09, 2013 - 2,494 views

Though many web designers have begun to work on their own, and many have lucrative freelance careers, a majority of them still work for larger design houses and web companies. If you are a web designer and were looking for that satisfying job at the company you’ve always wanted to work at, the way you dress on the day of the interview may be more important than you think.

Web design job interviews

Web designers may be interviewed in person or online and no matter where, the way you look and dress are very important. Online interviews make use of Skype and other video conferencing solutions. Though a lot can be masked behind the screen, it becomes even more important to look creative, adventurous and professional. No matter how your interview is held, there are many things that one needs to bear in mind. Web designers who are looking for the power dressing on the day of the interview may need to keep these points below in mind:

1. Web designing is a creative career

2. Web designers need to look sharp and professional just like other professionals

3. Looking great on the day of the interview may make or break your career

4. Sharp dressing does not imply having to spend a lot of money

With these points in mind, let us take a look at some of the most important tenets of interview dressing in order to ensure that there is nothing wrong with your wardrobe before an interview.

Get the basics right

Nothing is more important than getting the basics of dressing sharp right. There are many online resources that might help men and women to dress sharply yet look like a web designer, if there were such a thing. The idea is to look creative and adventurous, yet professional and self-assured. Play careful with colors.

Men may wear a business suit with a slightly ‘adventurous’ tie or use accessories to appear creative. Women too can stick to the conservative style of interview dressing but take freedom to use accessories and scarves. No matter what they tell you, it is never a good idea to dress down on the day of the interview. Chances are, your interviewer is a judgmental, cold and dismissing person. Ensure that you are prepared for the most judgmental interviewer and you probably will look the best on the day of the interview. It may sound cynical, but the world isn’t always fair.

Attention to details

A web designer should always pay attention to the details. Whether a page looks great, feels great, if the ochre-shade of the logo does not go well with the font and such minute details. Likewise, this attention to detail must be projected in the clothes you wear. Make sure the shoes are polished well, that you wear minimal but awesome accessories and very little make-up, if you have to.

Look like a creative individual

Creative people like web designers are expected to look ‘creative’. Now, that is a very subjective description but then again, if you are really creative, you would like subjectivity more than objectivity. It isn’t possible to be objective about art and creativity. It is subjective and is rooted in creativity. With that in mind, you should ensure that your clothes look slightly more creative than that of a usual business developer’s drab black suit.

Extend your personality to your clothes

Web designers have more freedom than other professionals to extend their personality into their clothes. The watch you wear, the little ring on your finger, the way you style your hair or the bag you carry can all help you in reflecting your personality. However, when it comes to basic clothing, ensure that it is professional and conservative.

Ooze confidence and be self-assured

No matter what you wear, if you do not ooze confidence and do not look self-assured, you will probably not get the job anyway. If you want to know how to ace an interview learn more about power dressing, which is all about ensuring that you look the best, everyday. One doesn’t even have to spend a lot of money to dress well. All it takes it diligence and care to make sure that the wardrobe is right. Once your wardrobe is right and you look confident in whatever you wear, you are all set for the interview day.

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