The SEO Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization
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The SEO Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

By Mainak Biswas June 08, 2015 - 1,782 views

Companies which previously invested a lot of money in Search Engine Optimization have come to realize the importance of content marketing as an additional tool. This is because of the recent updates made to Google’s algorithms and the fact that content has become important not only for SEO but also for increasing conversion rates. With that in mind, a number of SEO professionals have begun to feel that if one is to desire increasing conversion rates, they would also have to focus on content marketing.

Other than content marketing, there are a number of other ways with which one can increase conversion rates. This starts with fixing the website, making it load faster and also ensuring there are no error pages or confusing content that could leave your visitors distracted. In this article, we need to take a look at some of the ways in which SEO can be used to optimize conversion rates.

Fix the website

One of the most important functions of Search Engine Optimization is to fix websites. While you might believe this is the job of a web developer, SEO works in a different way. It helps a website to be found by search engine bots and convey information about the website to them. This helps search engines to index the websites correctly and help people to find your website when they enter search queries in Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

If you wish to increase conversions, ensure that there are no broken links, 404 error pages, missing tags, missing meta data and other issues, which websites, usually, experience. When all these problems are fixed, a website naturally starts to get indexed more often and this results in more footfalls. That is very important to optimize conversion rates.

Build better content

Search engine optimization is all about building better content. Google made it clear that websites that have better content will be given priority over those with inferior level of content. This means, websites need to pay attention to grammar, semantics, meaning, context and profoundness of content. Writing great content is not just a matter of marketing but also search engine optimization.

Invariably, great content impresses prospects and leads when they visit your website. This helps directly in boosting conversion rates. Well-written content not only helps improve your SEO but it will also fetch targeted traffic, which has a higher chance of converting.

Use search engine marketing techniques

SEO is not just about fixing broken links or concentrating on which keyword we need to focus on. It also involves marketing techniques that utilize PPC ads, CPC, CPL and other forms of online advertisements. These advertisements are crucial in bringing back important traffic. This traffic has the potential to convert and help you achieve sales.

It is important to focus on online marketing from an SEO perspective because a lot of people still find websites with the help of banner ads and text ads that are powered by Google, Yahoo! and other search engines. This tendency is not going to change very soon. Investing money in Search Engine Marketing is a very good idea as that will help to convert more leads.

Build your authority with backlinks

Search engine optimization is not complete without mentioning backlinks. Backlinks help you to prove not only to search engines that you are important but also to regular visitors. If people find that an authoritative website has linked to you and if they come from that source, they are more likely to believe in your products and services because you were listed on that website.

Backlinks need to be generated organically and using unethical means will never help you in any way. This brings the focus back to good content, PR skills, marketing and having a reliable product inventory. This will help you to achieve the kind of authority you deserve and the kind of authority that will help you to increase your conversion rates.

Final thoughts

It is important to integrate SEO with conversion increment plans because ultimately, both are inter-connected and they aid one another with SEO, usually, helping to increase conversions than the other way around. SEO is a great tool that will not only help you to have a good online presence and be found by search engines but is also an important tool in increasing conversions.

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