Stress Management at Workplace
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Stress Management at Workplace

By Mainak Biswas June 14, 2013 - 731 views

While working in Sydney as a Software Developer about 12 years ago, I came across Yoga and stress management techniques. Getting exposed to those techniques was a life changing experience for me. Yoga benefited me physically, mentally and emotionally, which created a lot of difference in my personal and professional life.

Stress is quite a common thing for all of us who are a part of the corporate sector. This silent killer, if not controlled at proper time, can lead to depression and other physical ailments like acidity, diabetes, hypertension, heart and skin diseases and etc. Eliminating the causes of stress is an impossible thing to do. The more we try to avoid the factors, the more frustrated we become and hence, increase our stress level further. So, let’s learn how to immune ourselves to these situations and environment to control stress; and Yoga is very good at managing stress. However, there are certain other effective stress management techniques as well. Let me discuss one by one:


After getting benefited, I got more and more involved in Yoga and learned different forms of Yoga like Therapeutic Yoga at the World Yoga Society. I feel Yoga and stress management techniques help me perform my job role better. Let me explain how.

  • Yoga considerably boosts my confidence and brings clarity in identifying what I want from my personal as well as professional life.
  • Think about those situations where we, as managers, need to decide on some critical issues. We often tend to lose patience while doing so. Practising Yoga has helped me keep myself relaxed even in the most stressful situations which in turn helped me immensely in taking correct decisions.
  • Doing Yoga regularly resulted in the clarification of my thought process. Now, with improvised problem solving ability, I can analyze problems from different perspectives and solve them in a better manner.
  • Learning Yoga helped me connect more with my team members at a deeper level. As a result, I could build the element of mutual trust with my team members. After all, corporate sector necessitates building a good team and creating an excellent work environment. This makes the team members feel more relaxed and perform well.

Now, our busy schedule often doesn’t allow us to join Yoga classes. No worries! We can always try few basic techniques on our own.

Changing behavioural pattern

Making minor adjustments to our behavioural pattern can actually help us get rid of about 70 to 80% of our daily stress. All what we need to do is learn how to flush the stress out of our body, and most importantly, our mind.

Slow and deep breathing

It’s so simple; all what it necessitates is inhaling through nostrils in the count of 5 and exhaling out through the same in the count of 5.

Progressive muscular relaxation

PMR (Progressive Muscular Relaxation) technique is great at reducing overall body tension.

To know more about different stress busters, feel free to get in touch with me. I would be happy to help you manage your stress in a positive manner.


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