There is no such thing as Microsoft vs. Apple

By Mainak Biswas July 06, 2007 - 652 views

We often run into heated arguments within our office – some say Microsoft rules , other say Apple is the future. I try to refrain from the temptation. But, here is what I actually think:

The first chapter in economics that I read, told me that Businesses makes good and services which is consumed by families, for which they have to pay businesses some money. On the other hand, families supply the resources (capital, labor) which is used businesses in return for which it has to pay interest and wages. This symbiotic relationship has existed from centuries.

An extension of this logic suggests that Microsoft as an organization wants to be a company which decides how business makes money , whereas Apple wants to be a company that decides how people spend it. Thats the end of the story – The sooner we get it the better!

iPod has given the greatest branding to Apple which is a consumer product whereas Windows & MsOffice (Arguably!) made MS into what it is today. I dont think Apple ever said they wanted to improve productivity or Microsoft ever said that they want to make fashionable gizmos for teens.

The problem is that with excess cash and surplus managers, both of these companies sometime venture into each other domain which causes all the confusions.

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