Retail News Wrap | Weekly Snippets 

Retail News Wrap | Weekly Snippets 

By Soumya Banerjee July 21, 2023 - 165 views

✅ Urban Vyapari’s AI-powered POS software and devices are all set to take the future of the retail and restaurant business to the next level.

✅ ShelfSet, an all-new innovation powered by AI tech is ready to make the retail and beverage distribution game easier for users.

✅ Kama Capital’s latest AI tech is here to empower smarter investments, data-driven strategies and unparalleled success in the dynamic retail trading market of the Middle East.

✅ Reliance Trends is powering it’s retail foorprint with a brand-new tech-enabled store. Expect personalised recommendations, interactive displays, and seamless checkouts in the days to come.

Retail News Wrap
Retail News Wrap

Stay informed with our concise Retail News Wrap, delivering the latest updates and insights in the dynamic retail industry

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