How To Finally Get Your Hybrid Team Organised?
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How To Finally Get Your Hybrid Team Organised?

By Syed Zainul Haque April 05, 2021 - 5,509 views

If 2020 was about a quick shift to the remote team then 2021 is about a hybrid team. A hybrid team consists of workers who prefer to work completely from home or anywhere but office workers who feel isolated and distracted at home and prefer having “office” cubicles.

Now think of a manager, who is expected to deliver his best while managing the hybrid team. Managing a hybrid team means you need to keep your team members on the same page. You have to make sure that the company culture is intact and there is a free flow of communication among the members. Isn’t it daunting?

Here are your key managing ways to follow to get your hybrid team organised

Don’t shun the remote work model

The first mistake that the manager must avoid is not ignoring the remote work model. When you have a hybrid team, you have to ensure that the team members are on the same page.

Now, you must be thinking- how to do that? In the following way!

  • Empowering team members with tools that will help them have common access. 
  • Avoid using different communication platforms to communicate important messages. For example- if you are using Microsoft teams for daily standups and scrum calls for a remote team, make sure you don’t use your boardroom for the onsite team. 
  • Use a project management tool to maintain transparency while setting up a task for each team member. They must not only be aware of what is expected out of them but also aware of the task assigned to their team members. 

Strive for outcome-based culture

When you have a team that doesn’t work together, you cant focus on the process-based culture. Keep the rule the same and focus on outcome-based culture. The ultimate objective of a manager is to get the work done.

In an outcome-driven culture, hybrid teams work best. When a manager cannot invigilate on the task team members are performing every hour, it the outcome that will help them track the performance. Thus setting a SMART goal and aligning objectives with key results (OKR) will enhance the productivity rate.

Keep up the positive organisation culture

A positive organizational culture is built when managers are up with a certain set of values that promote ethical ways. In a hybrid model, remote team members might feel isolated due to the concept of “out of sight out of mind”. A skilful manager ensures a fair and equitable workplace for both the team. 

A positive culture is also built through the team-building process. Remote team member must feel that there is an inclusive supportive environment present in the workplace. If they are stuck, then there are team members who are willing to brainstorm and get out of it. 

Promote Social Connection

A strong bond among the team members works exacerbates the action. Lack of trust and relationship among the team members can be a barrier at work. Long gone are those days when team members used to go out for office lunch. 

But in the hybrid team, this culture might complicate the team spirit. Thus, opportunities that the in-office team gets such as shared lunch and small talk must be provided to the remote teams too. 

Promote a virtual “water-cooler” culture among employees. Organise some remote-friendly activities such as playing games, talking about hobbies, sharing emotions and setbacks etc to promote social connections. 

2021 brings a new challenge for the managers who need to manage the hybrid team efficiently. Keeping the team together is challenging, keeping the isolation away is another challenge. The hybrid work model needs more attention and the manager must keep on experimenting with new ways.

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