Indus Net Technologies (INT.) Will Continue To Serve You As-Usual During The Covid-19 Outbreak

Indus Net Technologies (INT.) Will Continue To Serve You As-Usual During The Covid-19 Outbreak

By Abhishek Rungta March 23, 2020 - 7,908 views

We are living in unprecedented and uncertain times. Within two weeks, a novel virus has split the world apart. It has changed things like never before. The challenge we face today globally with the pandemic will transcend all boundaries – health, economy, social, political in days to come. Having said that I am pretty confident that we will overcome this. Indus Net Technologies (INT.) have been around for over two decades, and have faced many crisis situations. Our resilience is well proven, and we will prove it yet again.

However, it is important that we practice precaution over panic. It is critical for us to think about three things:

1) Our responsibility towards our society
2) Personal well being of every INTian and their family
3) Business continuity to ensure our financial wellbeing on short, mid and long term

To control the pandemic, which is our collective responsibility, we need to practice isolation. We need to reduce social interaction. We need to be with ourselves, maintain proper hygiene and avoid being a carrier of the deadly virus. This is important for the society as well as your own self, and your family. Besides this, it is our responsibility to support and continue to build for our clients globally, who depend upon us for their critical business applications and functions. We stand committed to all the three objectives mentioned above.

To meet these objectives, I am announcing complete isolation for all our teams in all our offices globally. Our teams will continue to work from home with complete focus and intensity. We believe that, at such a time, if they stay close to their family, they will be less anxious and be able to deliver better results for our partners. We will be fully accessible through all digital channels during normal office hours (or the hours when our team works with you). We will be available for online (video conference) meetings. The only activity that is suspended from our end is – in-person meetings until the situation becomes normal.

Our teams have worked overtime last week to put in action our business continuity plan, to ensure that each individual is able to work from home as effectively as they do from office (if not more), to ensure that they have secure access (secure VPN and device monitoring) to office code repositories, to ensure that they have the right infrastructure to perform their responsibilities, and to ensure that they are socially in touch with their colleagues in the virtual environment. We do not know about every possible problem, but we have prepared for most of it, based on our past experience. We may have initial hiccups on Monday/Tuesday (23rd/24th March) and our team productivity may be slightly reduced. We request your kind cooperation during these days.

We have prepared for months, not days. Hence, you can be rest assured that we will be able to support your business-critical applications and functions. Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or Business Consultant on the Indus Net Technologies (INT) side is available to you as always and will be able to guide/help based on your specific needs or address specific concerns or specific steps that have been for your work that is being done at INT. I am available to you if you need to reach me at Abhishek Rungta (+91 9831151614) on Mobile/WhatsApp and also on email at

We thank you for your trust, business, and partnership. We would not have been here without you. And, be rest assured, we will be with you through thick and thin, in years to come.

This will be behind us soon. Stay safe, stay healthy, and take very good care of yourself, your family and your colleagues.

Abhishek Rungta

Founder & CEO, Indus Net Technologies

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