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Today’s Most Useful Tech News from Indus Net Technologies

By Mainak Biswas August 31, 2016 - 857 views
  1. Fintech Investments Should Not Surprise You

Reading about fintech investments doubling every year is like talking about how quickly a teenager grows after puberty hits him. This article suggests that fintech investments are nothing surprising, and the increase in funding should not shock us, rather what comes after fintech should cause us to think. What could probably come after fintech? Edtech? #fintech #bigchange

  1. Univision Acquires Gawker for $135 Million

If you remember reading Jezebel and other online magazines owned by Gawker, hold your breath. Univision has agreed to purchase the online media company for a whopping $135 million. One of the reasons could be to tap the millennial audience that Gawker always has claimed. #corporate #publishing

  1. The Story behind DevOps Culture

The rising DevOps culture among enterprises is something to think about. It has begun to change the way we work with the cloud and also with developing apps. Rubrik has an entirely different method to work with DevOps and they might be on to something. This article explores in detail what Rubrik is up to. #cloud #trends

  1. Should You Be Using Cloud Banking Apps?

A number of people are using banking aggregators such as and Personal Capital to manage their finances. With organizations and individuals preferring banking apps to manage multiple accounts, a few security questions can be raised. This article looks at the benefits and risks of using cloud banking apps. #fintech #cloud

  1. Uber Refuses English Tests for Its Drivers

Could it be unreasonable to ask taxi drivers to take language tests? Uber thinks so. In English-speaking UK, it’s always been the norm to ask taxi drivers to take an English test to pro0ve they can communicate with passengers. Uber disagrees, and has filed a case against TFL. It is probably a good idea if immigrant drivers knew how to converse in the local language? #corporate #trends

  1. Cyberspatial Threat to Health

With most of using technology consistently, can there be a cyberspatial threat to our health? David Katz looks at this issue and offers some solutions as well. No more reasons to worry about that glowing screen in your hand. #health #trends

  1. DuoSkin Takes Tattoos the Wearable Tech Way

DuoSkin is developed MIT and is likely to change the way we look at wearable tech. DuoSkin is a tattoo that is not permanent, but allows you to use your own skin as an interface for phones and computers. Read this article to understand more about it. #vr #mobile

  1. Lithium Battery May Help Cellphones Last Longer

One of the biggest problems we face with present-day cellphones and laptops is that that their batteries do not last very long. This new lithium metal battery can make smartphones, drones and electric cars last twice as long. #mobile

  1. Google Seeks Reddit Help to Recognize Accents

Google has been consistently working on voice recognition, a subtopic under artificial intelligence. Now, the tech giant is turning to Reddit to improve accent recognition. With a diverse group of people using its voice-based services, Google is quite right to focus on accents. #vr #ai

  1. Google Duo Takes on FaceTime

If you haven’t already heard, Google Duo is raising inquisitive looks across boardrooms and people are getting curious about what is being touted as a FaceTime replacement. It is purported to make video calling between operating systems easier, as Brian Chen puts it. #mobile #corporate #apps

  1. Visuals Bring More Traffic to Social Campaigns

If your social media campaign isn’t working as you intended it to, you perhaps should be sharing more visuals. Visuals are known to garner more clicks and interest. Find out what you can improve your social media situation. #marketing #social

  1. Could Pokemon Go Help You in Marketing?

Pokemon Go may have already popped on your screen, in the news you read or by way of your friends’ social posts. Yet, there may be a marketing benefit too. This article actually lists three of those marketing benefits. #marketing #trends

  1. That Literary Article You Plan to Publish Needs to Be ‘Clickbait-y’

Planning to publish a report or a review in a literary journal? Your academic article is more likely to be read if it comes with ‘clickbait-y’ characteristics. This probably means, having a more interesting title. Read this article to understand what this means. #social #marketing #publishing

  1. What Could the Future of Online Dating Apps Be?

Falling in love and taking people out on dates have not changed much. However, the way people get set is extremely different from how things used to be. In the future, even Tinder may seem quaint and old-fashioned, with VR and AI coming into picture. #vr #ai #mobile

  1. How Instagram Is Fueling Facebook’s Success

When Facebook purchased Instagram, none of us realized why it was so important for the tech company to purchase a photo sharing app. It is becoming clearer now, and it might be helping Facebook to meet the demands of the future. Read on. #mobile #trends #bigchange

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