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By Abhishek Rungta December 27, 2016 - 489 views

Today, an overwhelming number of image formats exist. Different software/ devices have different image format compatibility. Therefore, an image format suitable for one software/ device may not compatible with others. And you are often encountered with a message saying unable to read file.  To avoid this difficulty, it is necessary to install image file conversion tools.

Image file conversion tools serve as a handy way to convert any image format to a desired format. The following blog lists some of the best image file conversions tools for desktop PC and mobile apps along with some online tools accessible through a web browser.

Best image file conversion programs for desktop PC

A powerful and cross-platform batch image processor, XnConvert is compatible with 500 image formats and can export to about 70 different file formats. It offers more than 80 different operations including metadata editing, transforms, adjustments, filters, effects etc. And it seamlessly exports to NConvert for a command line usage.

XnConvert is multi-platform software available for Windows, Mac and Linux for both 32-bit and 64-bit editions. With translation support for more than 20 languages, it is multilingual. User interface is simple providing convenient drag and drop functionality.

  • Adapter

An intuitive batch image converter by Macroplant, Adapter comes with multiple functionalities. It can resize and convert images in a batch with a simple conversion process. After choosing an output format and dropping a collection of images, click format. You can also make size adjustment, compression or text addition before conversion.

Adapter can compile images into timelapse videos, slideshows, or stop motion animations. Irrespective of source file size, shape or format, Adapter can export to various video formats and resolution including 1080p and 4K. It can also batch convert watermarked photos.

  • Free Image Convert and Resize by DVDVideoSoft

Free Image Convert and Resize is a compact program for batch image processing that allows you to convert separate images and file folders containing images into different graphic formats. It allows you to rename, reorder, and change size according to the desired settings.

Image file format supported include jpg, png, bmp, gif, tga, pdf (export only). The software is free to install and does not contain any spyware or adware. It is available for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP (Service Pack 3).

  • PixConverter By CoffeeCup

PixConverter is a cool converter that does more than conversion. It can easily convert digital photos for Flickr, websites, email with convenient conversion presets for email, CDs and website images. It can convert gif, jpg, tiff, png, bmp files and change image colors, size, format, and file names.

Create thumbnail pages for your website and watermark your images with text and graphics. Apart from that, upload images to your server through a built-in FTP client. It also helps you to import pictures from digital camera.

  • Advanced Batch Image Converter (ABIC)

ABIC is a multiplatform tool for batch image conversion. It provides binaries for Windows 32/64 bit (with and without installers) and Mac OS X along with source code for compilation on Linux. ABIC converts multiple image files in various formats such as JPG, TIFF, PNG, WebP etc with a capability to convert 16-bit-images.

The software is available for free with no additional downloads like toolbars etc. User can set the quality and compression for the export formats through the user interface. Apart from that, ABIC can also read some historic formats particularly Amiga IFF (ILBM).

Best mobile apps for image file conversion

Image Converter is one of the best Android apps for converting image files. It offers a number of features including image re-sizing, multiple file processing, multiple output formats, image cropping and image rotation. The application works offline without having you to upload any image on online servers.

It can load a large number of formats including jpeg, png, gif, tiff, bmp, etc. And convert images into a huge number of output formats. With an easy-to-access user interface, Image Converter allows access to all your files/images including photo library and email attachments from other apps.  

The converted files are accessible within the app and automatically saved in your photo library.  What’s more, you can share the converted images with your social apps and emails within the app and your original files stay as it is.

An Android app available on Google Play, The File Converter is a complete and full-featured multi-file converter. It can convert video, audio, images, documents, ebooks, and archives.  The free app allows only 2 conversion credits. Post two successful conversions, you can unlock unlimited conversions via in-app purchase. The purchase is worth it due to multiple reasons.

Images can be converted to jpg, png, bmp, eps, gif, tga, tiff and others. Because the conversion occurs in the cloud, the app does not consume much battery and conversion speeds are quite fast.  Internet connection is mandatory to use this app.

The files are uploaded to an encrypted conversion server, converted and then downloaded to your phone. The best part is the files are immediately deleted from the server. Free app has a limit of 100 MB per file for two file conversions. Once you upgrade to Premium, the file limit is increased to 1 GB.

Free Image Converter is another popular Android app that can convert images into various formats. The output format includes jpeg, bmp, gif, pdf, psd, png, tiff, and others. It allows you to add unlimited files to one conversion.

Once you choose an output format along with some format support setting, click convert.  The resulting file is saved in the output directory. Apart from that, you can resize the image into a desired size. However, since the conversion happens online you need an internet connection for it to function.

This online app by Tech Mania allows you to convert files to almost any format.  It is not just an image file converter but a complete media converter. It can convert files to documents, ebooks, images, audio, video, and archives. Images can be converted to formats like jpg, png, svg, tga, tiff, bmp, gif etc. The app securely handles your files and automatically deletes them from their server within 24 hours.

An efficient app by handycloset, this application is ideal for converting images to jpeg format. Formats like png, gif, bmp etc can be easily converted to jpeg format. The app also allows you to convert transparent color to white color. The output image is automatically saved in pictures/jpeg folder.  

The app requires Android 4.1 and above to run. The only limitation is it converts images one by one and not multiple files in one go. But it is a handy utility app that does what it is supposed to do.

Best online image file conversion tools

ConvertImage is a free online photo editor plus graphic files converter. Convert various file formats into a desirable format directly through the website. Common output formats include jpg, pdf, png, bmp, gif etc.

Furthermore, you can play around with various effects like sepia, charcoal pan sketch, vintage TV screen etc. With ConvertImage, you can rotate image online. You can crop a picture, scale and resize it. Insert text, logo or picture as watermark.

It is a free website utility especially for digital camera owners. It supports more than 400 formats including popular file formats like jpeg, tiff, png, gif, bmp, etc and camera RAW formats like crw, nef, raf, cr2 dng etc.

Upload file size limit is 3072 kb (3MB). Choose the output quality desired along with other parameters like resize, rotation, effects. The output file is saved on your computer.

Using a smart combination of optimization and compression algorithms, Optimizilla shrinks jpeg and png images to the minimum possible size besides maintaining the image quality. It allows you to upload up to 20 images at a time. Click thumbnails in the queue to set image quality and use slider to control compression level. Once the compression is complete, download all the files together.

CoolUtils instantly converts your image online. Input and output formats include bmp, gif, ico, jpeg, png, pdf and tiff. It allows you to convert heavy to very heavy image files without any problem.  You can rotate and resize image before conversion. After the conversion is complete, you can download the output file to your PC. is an online utility to resize, crop and optimize images. It enables you to crop and resize any image to exact pixels or proportion specified. It helps to reduce file size significantly without compromising on image quality.
It allows you to upload a maximum file size of 120 MB making it a heavy duty online source for image conversion.  Upload image in various formats such as jpeg, png, gif or bmp and get output in jpg, png, gif or bmp. What’s more, you can rotate image, make background transparent, and optimize quality for different compression and quality levels.

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