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Top Tech News; 26 October 2016

By Abhishek Rungta October 25, 2016 - 641 views
  1. GitLab Brings Multiple Issue Boards for Each Project

GitLab, which describes itself as ‘tools for modern developers’ released an update to its Issue Boards tool, which is a visual interface for teams to track the status of their projects. The new update brings more flexibility and the ability to create multiple issue boards for each project. #development

  1. Google Begins to Censor Content Insulting Thai King

King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand passed away on the 13th of October, and the Thai government asked Google to ban insults to royal figures. Strangely, Google has begun to remove content with royal insults, something that may tantamount to suppressing free speech. However, Google has repeatedly complied with such requests in China and elsewhere in the past too. #Internet

  1. Is Reliance Jio the Slowest in India?

Reliance Jio, which has been making rounds in news sections because of its cheap 4G tariffs may not be all that great. Among the top 5 telecom operators in India, Jio offers the slowest download speeds, according to TRAI data. Strangely, Reliance blamed the results on ‘inherent bias against Jio data usage’. #telecom

  1. New App Lets You Name and Shame Air Pollution Enablers

The air isn’t getting any cleaner and some people behind ‘Hawa Badlo’ app seem to be taking action, or rather encouraging people to take action. The app comes with a public platform through which you can report events or people that is causing air pollution. Certainly, naming and shaming has taken a completely new meaning. #app

  1. RBI to Tighten Cyber Security Norms

If you thought banking institutions weren’t too careful about credit card data and other financial information, the Reserve Bank of India seems to be thinking so too. The regulatory authority is likely to tighten cyber security norms in order to safeguard the interests of banking customers. #privacy #security

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