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By Mainak Biswas September 20, 2016 - 983 views
  1. iphone Users Stuck After Deleting Default Apps

 Recently, Apple authorized iPhone users to delete default apps from iOS 10. Many frenzied users deleted the apps without realizing that they provide functions to other parts of the system. If you’ve deleted apps like Music and Weather, other connected apps or gadgets may misbehave. Now don’t lose your nerve; you can easily retrieve them through App Store. #apps

  1. Google Brings Bohemian Rhapsody to VR

For all the music lovers out there, Google and the legendary rock band Queen have released a VR app called the Bohemian Rhapsody Experience that lets you experience the epic tracks in 3D, 360 degree with interactive elements and spatial sound that changes as you turn your head. Available on Android, it is soon releasing on iOS. Step inside the music. #vr #apps

3. Twitter loses 140 character limit

Twitter will no more count @usernames in replies, media attachments like pictures, GIFs and videos, polls and quoted tweets as characters as part of the 140 character-limit. Let your creative forces flow freely.                                           

  1. Self-Inflicted Casualty Behind the Wheel

The number of people in the UK illegally using mobile phones while driving is rising alarmingly according to a survey. It revealed that drivers unabashedly text, talk, tweet, browse and even make video calls causing fatalities. There are better ways to terminate life, why choose this? #mobile

  1. You Can’t Hide It From Google

No matter if you have disabled location tracking on your Android phone, Google Play is using GPS to track your every move. It is believed that Google is implementing its new feature “Nearby” to push notifications to users based on their location. It sounds like a win-win deal for users and application owners. But can you defy Google? Find out here. #apps

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