What Is Smartphone Addiction and How to Deal with It?
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What Is Smartphone Addiction and How to Deal with It?

By Mainak Biswas February 18, 2013 - 2,230 views

It is nothing strange to wake up using your smartphone and go to bed using the same smartphone. While that is still ok, it may be a real problem when you use it while you are eating, in the gym, while in the conference and of course while you are watching the TV. Smartphone addiction is one of the most common but least recognized psychological issues in the world today.

Most of us are addicted to smartphones in varying degrees and most of us have very little insight as to what smartphone addiction is. No matter what it is, it will ruin your creativity, productivity and also your efficiency if you do not recognize its existence in the beginning. Once it becomes a full-fledged addiction you might have to seek professional assistance.

Nevertheless in this article, we shall discuss what smartphone addiction is, how it impacts people’s lives and how it can be overcome easily. It is a touchy subject and many people do not want to address it at all but when we are in the tech business, it becomes crucial for us to address what smartphone addiction is, gain insight and begin taking steps to curb severe addictive behaviors.

Warning Signs of Smartphone Addiction

Some of the signs and symptoms of being addicted to smartphone is not being able to remain without using one for even a short period of time. When you are not with your smartphone, you may feel a sense of anxiety or dread and may feel like a part of you is lost. Another symptom is trying to search for your phone if you are away from it even for a few minutes. When you do not find it, you may feel anxious and begin to panic.

You may also prefer using your phone when you are out on a date or meeting friends. If your cellphone does not vibrate or ring for some time, you may feel frustrated, irritable and annoyed. Another major symptom of smartphone addiction is getting angry when you are interrupted while using a smartphone. When you are away from your handset, you may feel you have lost a part of your own body and that you are not complete without it.

Last but not the least, those who are addicted to smartphones feel guilty about being dependent on them but refuse to acknowledge that it’s a problem. These feelings are central to smartphone addiction and call for a red flag which might require professional attention. However, all is not lost and it is not difficult to kick the habit or addiction of using smartphones.

Treating Smartphone Addiction

As with any other addiction, a combination of psychotherapy, motivation and medication if required, are necessary. First of all, you will need to recognize that you have a problem and that you like using your smartphone more than what is considered normal. With recognition of a problem comes the state of accepting that you are addicted.

The next step is to get proactive and ensure that you are actually motivated to kick the habit and stop letting smartphones interfere with your professional and personal lives. It may sound a little difficult in the beginning but it is not that tough. What you would need to do is speak to a registered counselor or psychologist and express your apprehensions about your addiction. The moment you recognize that you have a problem, you will be able to check for yourself if you are motivated enough to try and kick the habit of using smartphones. Acceptance and motivation to kick the habit of using smartphones in an addictive way is central to being psychologically healthy.

Once you know that you are addicted and you begin to make attempts to kick the habit, you will be able to speak to someone who will provide you with guidance related to kicking the habit. This includes behavioral interventions and cognitive behavioral exercises that help you to reduce your anxiety, cravings and a sense of worthlessness that is usually associated with addictions.

Being addicted to smartphones or any other gadget is just as dangerous as being addicted to a substance. It will harm you professionally and personally. The solution is to recognize the problem, admire your gadgets but also get on with your daily activities and seek help when required.

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