When Should You Pause Your Software Product Development?
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When Should You Pause Your Software Product Development?

By Syed Zainul Haque December 08, 2020 - 2,722 views

In the 21st century, most of the world has moved far ahead than our civilization had in the last century or even the last millennium. Software products have become such an integral part of our lives. It’s quite difficult to picture any of our everyday activities without the use of some sort of computer-based application or procedure! But the sad news is, according to a PMI report, nearly 14% of all software projects fail. One of the prominent reasons behind the failure of software projects is not adhering to software product development.  

So, you have to constantly follow a step-by-step strategy to go from one stage to the next. Thereby, it ensures you don’t fall behind as you progress from a concept to a launch. 

While developing, some precautionary measures would lead to inefficient software product development or faulty software products if ignored. So, let’s discuss some of the major aspects to avoid such mishaps.

Pre planning before developing software products

One of the key and vital aspects of developing software products is chalking out the requirements and analysis. You need to spend a lot of time planning the right way to understand the problems. Because a wrong analysis of the project might lead to the development of incorrect products. 

There lies the importance of good planning! It can help to avoid the extension of the development time. Eventually, it reduces the overall expense of the project. 

Quality of Documentation:

The documentation personnel needs to be in regular touch with the developers. Based on documentation suggestions, you have to decide about documentation changes & additions. Thereby, it ensures that the documentation remains up-to-date. The developer team needs to remove any unnecessary documents. Besides, the team has to be alert to spot any missing documentation.


At times, we as creators or developers feel very overwhelmed with our work. By doing so, we may overlook the actual requirements of the product owner or clients.

That’s why developers need to think from the client’s perspective too. And make sure that the software product becomes fruitful to the clients. 

MUST CHECK: So, check the development of the product at all phases. And if you come across any anomalies, update the same to your vendor. 

Software products – Design and development

Conceptualizing the whole System Design:

You need to spend considerable time to figure out the whole process and the ways to accomplish it. So, you need an expert in System Designing who has been in this field for at least 7 to 10 years. He or she can guide throughout the product development, and make the blueprint of the whole architecture.

MUST CHECK: Don’t forget to ask your contractor about the process they are going to take and the ways by which they are going to fully fill it. A good System Design would lead to a strong foundation. Eventually, it will lead to sustainable development and a scalable product.

Key strategy to software product development:

There are various ways to develop software products, like Prototyping, Waterfall, and Agile methodologies, etc. Agile methodologies are popular and trending in software development. It runs in various sprints ranging from weeks to months. You need to list some features based on their priority. For example, in the case of an e-commerce app: 

  • A must-have feature would be a good UI with a showcasing all the products on their website and an easy payment system, 
  • Good features may include a 360-degree view of the product.
  • An add-on feature would be an intelligent recommendation system for cross-selling or upselling.

Taking wrong inputs from the requirements analysis would lead to wrong product development or missing features. Thereby, it will increase the overall cost or delay the deadline of the project. 

MUST CHECK: Hence, you should always have a check on the products being developed at every phase. And try to find out which phase the development has reached. On that basis, the team should come up with an ALPHA version and release it within a time. After that, the developer team should release a BETA version with improvements from the previous versions.  

QA testing in software product development

No room for Negligence:

While developing software products, any bugs, functional defects, or security issues are major concerns before rolling out to the public. So, you need to handle these issues in advance. A loophole in such practices would lead to a huge monetary loss or data breach of the end-users. 

MUST CHECK: Hence, the stakeholders should be clear about the approaches taken by the software vendors. Also, they should know the ways to deal with it in the future to avoid such catastrophic events.


Evolution is a fact of life, and software products must develop in order to stay competitive. The present technology will always reach a point when it no longer meets the demands of the product owner and end-users. There is always room for more development and additional features. Outsourcing to an offshore software development partner can lead to faster development, cost-effectiveness, and better creative output than the competitors. But at the same time, you should focus on the points we discussed above. By doing so, you can expect a superior result. And eventually, a long-term relationship and growing trust factors in the market.

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