5 Ways Jim Morrison Can Be Your Business Mentor
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5 Ways Jim Morrison Can Be Your Business Mentor

By Mainak Biswas January 05, 2015 - 1,091 views

Jim Morrison was probably the least “corporate” kind of person to ever have existed. He seemed to lack discipline, led a chaotic life, was addicted to substances and was uniquely talented. And he was the original rockstar, with no real exaggeration except for a few of his other contemporaries. Tragically, he also died very young of an overdose at the age of 27.

Yet his short life can teach us life’s valuable lessons and how we can better manage our businesses. In this article, we need to take a look at some of the most unique qualities of Jim Morrison and how his qualities can help you to run your business better.

1. Jim was an attention seeker

Though seeking attention is widely believed to be a negative quality but for someone who runs a business, it is not. You need to, however, attract the right kind of attention, which means your work needs to draw attention to you and not your antics.

No matter how unconventional Jim was, it was his music that grabbed everyone’s attention. He knew his talent would grab attention and it did. Make use of your talents and help your talent to grab attention for your business.

2. Jim had real talent, which he used well

Jim’s talent can hardly be disputed. He was one of the most talented rock musicians and his style influenced countless other musicians. He knew how to create music that appealed to the youth across social classes. His music and his poetry became a unifying force against social evils & general alienation that people faced at that time.

Likewise, if you use your talents well and monetize them, you will be able to run a business successfully. If you are starting a new product or service, make sure that you have the actual talent to do so. Do not jump into certain services or products because your business rivals are doing it.

3. Jim knew how to create a cult of personality

If you would like to be a serious entrepreneur, you need to build an image for yourself. The more you meet your clients and the more you network, it becomes increasingly important to have a consistent business image. Jim was successful in building a cult of personality for himself.

All his antics were forgiven because he had a strong fan base. If you can manage to build a personality, which is even a fraction of what Jim’s was, you can be quite sure that you will be a charming networker and business leader.

4. Jim Morrison was original and authentic

In spite of all his antics, Jim was truly authentic. His originality and uniqueness made him popular even among his critics. Likewise, if you want to build a business that is successful, you need to be authentic and original. Do not copy others and do not try to stay away from your original personality.

Strengthen your existing talents and build from there. The more you are authentic about your products and services, the more people will begin to trust you. Jim knew that very well.

5. Jim Morrison cared about his surroundings

It is often said that Jim was so kind-hearted that people thought he was almost saint-like. Of course, he had his vices and his weaknesses. Yet he took a great interest in the world he lived in and his immediate surroundings.

That made him a very likeable person. If you wish to be successful, pay attention to your immediate surroundings. That is part of corporate social responsibility and the more you do it, the more respected you will be.

Learning from musicians

It might sound strange that rock musicians have much to teach corporate professionals. In reality, we can learn something from everyone, no matter how different their lives or professions are from our own. Jim Morrison led a very short life but in that very short period, he taught us how to use our talents, build a loyal fan following and spread ideas. That is what a good marketer needs to know and learn; and if you run a business yourself, it is all the more important to follow Jim’s qualities we have described above.

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