Spend Time with Pets to Reduce Stress at Work

Spend Time with Pets to Reduce Stress at Work

By Mainak Biswas October 07, 2015 - 1,904 views

If you have been feeling a little down and about, there might be a reason. Too much of work can cause stress and that is never a good state to be in. If you are feeling stressed out, there is help at hand. You could try meditating, increasing your physical activity, eating better food and getting a good sleep. If all this doesn’t work, you might have to seek therapy.

However, recent research shows that having an animal around significantly reduces stress. If you could have an office pet of sorts, you will not only reduce your own stress but also that of your employees. There are a number of research studies that support this idea. In this article, let us take a look at the kind of pets which are convenient to be given the post of official stress busters.

1.      Cats

Cats are the most suitable pets when it comes to having them in offices. They are usually silent and when they do mew, it doesn’t disturb everyone. They sleep during the day and if your employees usually work during the day, cats will sleep away in a corner. If you are feeling stressed, spend a little time with your feline friend and it is known to be a very therapeutic pet.

A cat’s purring is known to heal injuries, prevent bone damage and also help you unload your stress. Moreover, they are very intelligent beings and can learn to live with the humdrum of daily office life. An increasing number of offices have their own official cats!

2.      Dogs

Dogs are great companions, just like cats and they are just as popular. Just like cats, you need to choose the right breed that does not bark too much or that which is not very aggressive. A gentle and quiet dog is what you should be looking at, when you are trying to buy one for your office.

Dogs can be toilet trained too and are just as intelligent as cats. The only problem with dogs is that many people are scared of them. You do not want to scare your employees away with a dog running amok!

3.      Rabbits

Rabbits are easy to handle and are not expensive. They are gentle creatures and remain silent. You will not have to tend to them much and the minder can find them once in a while so that you and your employees can spend time with it and de-stress. However, rabbits are not great companions and may not add to office gossip like a cat would. Moreover, rabbits do not purr and are not exactly known for their therapeutic effect.

Nevertheless, these soft and cuddle creatures are enough to bust your stress at work. Rabbits need to be kept in a cage and that might prove to be a little less attractive than having a cat walk around the office while supervising all of you.

4.      Birds

You could have a separate room where birds can be raised. Parrots and other small birds can be kept in small cages. Birds can be healing too and are known for their therapeutic effect. However, they cannot be toilet trained like a cat and their mess will need to be cleaned up by the minder.

Moreover, they cannot be allowed to fly freely in the office as that would disturb people who are not comfortable with birds or those who are trying rather hard to concentrate on something. Yet, with a little effort and if you truly wish, a parrot can be a great companion at office.

Get a pet that doesn’t interfere with office work

Finally, ensure that everyone is comfortable with whatever pet you choose to get for your office. You may ask, how one could actually maintain a pet at office, when everyone is so busy and need to concentrate on coding or web development.

The answer seems to be to choose the right kind of pet and a minder to go along with the pet. Pet minders are not very expensive. They can be hired for a small amount of money. You could even hire someone from the disabled list to look after a pet.

Cats and dogs are the obvious choices when it comes to choosing a pet. Try to adopt one from a rescue agency or an animal shelter, and set an example for everyone else.

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