Migrating an Application from Zend 2.X to 3.0 - Ebook

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Migrating an Application from Zend 2.X to 3.0

Zend Framework (ZF), an open source platform, is basically a collection of professional PHP based packages. Zend Framework is used by thousands of developers to build test-driven web apps. It’s known for its stability, scalability, and regular updates. After Zend Framework 2, zend-mvc 3.0 marks the second major release of the component. The primary goal for version 3 was to reduce the number of dependencies, make it 4X faster applications, increased performance, PHP 7 support and focus on documentation, and many other changes those will impact users. This whitepaper is a succinct document that helps the reader to understand:

What to expect?

  • What Zend Framework is and how it helps businesses
  • Advantages of using Zend Framework to build applications
  • How to migrate applications from Zend Framework 2.0 to Zend Framework 3.0

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