Technological Transformation at MF Industry

Technological Transformation at MF Industry- Whitepaper

Technology has become a ubiquitous aspect of every operation of the mutual fund industry. It is no more paperbound. Starting from receiving the money to investing and claiming - the whole process takes place on the digital platform.

Take the case of "E-KYC", which has made it easier for non-KYC compliant investors to comply with KYC as a first step by registering online.

Similarly, the mutual fund industry has adapted technology as its sole enabler for future success for the past ten years. So let see how it is becoming cognizant for the companies to build resilience for the upcoming years.

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  • Table of Contents:

    • Post-pandemic Digital Evolution
    • Challenges faced by AMC due to lack of Optimised Platform
    • Expand Digital landscape for MF Industry
    • Focus on the priorities A-O-S (Acquisition - Onboarding - Service)
    • Accelerate Transformation by Leveraging Technology
  • Summary:

    Ever since the global crisis of 2008, the Asset management Industry has adapted transformation. It has re-instil trust and transparency with the changing customer experience. In the last six years, we have witnessed many disruptors disrupting the asset management industry. AMCs must equip with the technology to evolve and be sustainable shortly in such unprecedented times.

  • Key Highlights:

    • $987bn Growth, roboadvisors helped in achieving
    • 70% operational leaders expect AI to reduce cost in AMC
    • 34% leaders are planning to invest in technology in next 3-5 yrs
    • 50% increase in reaching prospect through multi-channel outreach

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