The Big CMS Comparison Report - Ebook

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The Big CMS Comparison Report

CMS or Content Management System is considered to be the most sought-after tool used by web developers across the globe for developing websites. There is a list of CMS platforms available in the market, which enable web developers to build websites easily and with less turn-around time. However, to choose the right one, best suiting your requirements, from innumerable number of CMSs available in the market can be a tough job. “The Big CMS Comparison Report, Version 3.0” is a whitepaper from Indus Net Technologies, prepared on the basis of our vast array of experience, which provides an in-depth comparative analysis & guide for selection among the top three most popular CMSs – Drupal, Joomla! and WordPress.  

What to expect?

  • A brief overview of CMS
  • A comparative study of Drupal 7.12, Joomla! 2.5.4 and WordPress 3.5
  • Graphical representation of usage statistics & best use scenarios of the aforementioned CMSs
  • Resourceful links for downloading additional plugins to make your CMS platform more powerful

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