The Best Practices of Video Marketing for eCommerce
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The Best Practices of Video Marketing for eCommerce

By Mainak Biswas August 31, 2015 - 1,659 views

A number of companies are realizing the importance of video marketing when it comes to boosting profits and reaching to a larger target audience. The fact is, many people prefer an audio-visual experience more than a textual one. This is apparently true among younger audiences and those who are unable to read for a long time.

For such people, video marketing may seem like a better option. Moreover, very busy people will probably want to watch a 30 second video to understand the crux of the matter than read it. In this article, let us take a look at some of the best practices of video marketing for eCommerce.

1.      Start making explainer videos

Explainer videos are videos that offer reasons and explanations as to why an individual  must choose a particular service or product. An advertisement is persuasive but an explainer video is informative and persuasive.

It helps to know why we must buy a particular product and how it can be used. Explainer videos briefly describe the uses of explainer videos and ensure that people understand the need for a solution, how it can be solved with a certain product and finally, actually buy that product or service.

2.      Make a paradigm shift from textual content to audio-visual content

Most companies still believe that textual content is all that their clients and customers want. This is not quite true. It is a well known fact that people process more information when information is provided in an audio-visual format. This helps people to understand what you are talking about in a very short period of time, instead of having to read through reams of textual content.

Moreover, people are gradually realizing that they do not have a lot of time to spend on reading. Thus, they end up watching videos on YouTube, Vine, Vimeo and other websites where one can learn about products. Thus, making the paradigm shift from textual content to video is becoming apparent.

3.      Keep your videos short

Videos should be short and sweet. No one really has the time to spend a lot of time on watching your videos, if they run into more than 60 seconds. They simply will get bored of your product and will move on to the next one.

If you are making videos to market your products, you should ensure that they are around 30 seconds and that they explain clearly why a person must choose this product over some other product. Short videos help to retain people’s attention, and they will also be able to remember what they watched when they are short. Thus, it is important to keep marketing videos short in order to achieve eCommerce success.

4.      Make videos an important part of your marketing strategy

While content writing is still the most important form of our marketing strategy, one must also make videos a part of our marketing strategy. ECommerce sites do not exist in islands. They depend on social shares, viral sharing and conversations on the Internet. For this to happen, a video is the best bet. One can easily make videos a part of a company’s marketing strategy and also save money in the process.

There are professional agencies that make explainer  and other forms of videos in a short period of time and will also teach you how to market those videos to boost traffic to your eCommerce website. All that you need to do is include videos as a part of your marketing strategy.

Final thoughts

Video marketing need not even be expensive. Some of the techniques used in video marketing include using videos instead of blogs and marketing with product videos, video ads and explainer videos. It is important to remember that reading takes a lot more effort and time for people than watching videos.

With these factors in background, it is safe to say that a number of companies are looking towards video marketing solutions. Ecommerce websites are particularly interested in video marketing as it helps to showcase products and services in a better light, and in a more sensual way (audio and visual senses). If you wish to increase sales and boost traffic to your website, choosing video marketing may be one of the better options.

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