Google’s Penguin Update
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Google’s Penguin Update

By Mainak Biswas May 08, 2012 - 1,371 views

When Webmasters and Bloggers are still struggling with Google Panda Update, the new algorithm in the name of “Google Penguin Update” has come up as yet another threat to a considerable number of websites. Google has rolled out this update in order to decrease the ranking of all such sites that are violating the existing quality guidelines. The Penguin Update is focused to penalize those who are using tricky webspam tactics for over optimization. In post Penguin Update period the Penguin update can not only decrease the traffic of the websites but it also has a big tendency to damage the SERP ranking. Penguin Update has been launched as an effort to promote quality content and reduce webspam.

Google’s Penguin Update is an improved version of Panda Update which was released on the 24th of April 2012. It aims at demolishing all those websites that are over-optimized with webspam techniques. Many sites have been seen to use wrong tactics and a shortcut to bring traffic and rank higher than expectations; these tactics are of no use to the users and Google’s new algorithm is targeted to penalize such sites. Therefore, while Google Panda will fight against low quality pages the Penguin will focus on spam content.

You can be safe and stay away from being hit by Penguin update if your website is not using any spammed, old-fashioned strategies. It is mainly going to affect those websites which are loaded with low quality contents and abuses the guidelines of inbound linking.

If you are wondering whether your website can be hit by Penguin or not, it’s easy to find it out. Simply search with common keywords in Google to check whether it is getting the same rank that it used to get previously. Check the website statistics to find out whether there is a major traffic drop compared to the previous stats. If it is yes, you are likely to be hit by Penguin Update and if there is no change, then you are safe.

To Avoid being Hit by Panda do the Following:

  • It is time to stop comment spamming; commenting on high page rank websites for the sake of getting BackLinks or using automation commenting over-stuffed with keywords and links, will make Google identify them easily and the sites using such spam techniques will be penalized in Post Penguin age.
  • Avoid the contents which are overflowed with same keywords. Since keywords are an essential part of SEO and it is the keywords that help the users to get relevant contents by means of search engines; repeating the same keywords again and again make Google suspect and penalize.
  • Avoid duplicate content; you cannot attain high rank in SERP by copying contents. Therefore, instead of copying contents from others, concentrate on making your unique, fresh contents. Otherwise, you many face penalty and your blog may get banned from SERP.

Link Building Tips for Surviving the Penguin Update:

  • Whenever you post fresh contents to your site make it a point to share it on your social pages like Google+, Facebook or Twitter.
  • During Link building do not make the mistake of linking to your homepage, rather link to the inner content pages. Keep in mind that apart from external links, internal links are also very important and will help both Google and your visitors to crawl your site easily.
  • Avoid over-optimization by diversifying your anchor texts. There should not be a feeling that you are you are forcibly trying to rank a site for a particular keyword, therefore, try to diverge your anchor links in a natural way.
  • Keep focus on quality, not quantity; having a large number of backlinks from untrustworthy sites, you can be penalized, therefore, prefer high quality, small number of posts rather than large number of low quality ones.
  • Focus on producing high quality contents that people like to link from websites and from their social profiles.

Do not worry! Google Penguin update is not going to affect those websites which are using pure SEO and high quality contents. This new algorithm is surely meant to give the users a better way of searching and better search results. It will also give a boost to high quality blogs or websites by ranking them high in Search Engine Results.

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