Hackathon Diaries #1 V2V (Vein to Vein) Monitoring
Hackathon Diaries

Hackathon Diaries #1 V2V (Vein to Vein) Monitoring

By Rajarshi March 13, 2023 - 255 views


The grand INT. Hackathon 2023 enticed all innovators, problem solvers, and tech enthusiasts amongst us to take part to grab the chance to showcase their skills, collaborate with their colleagues, and bring their creative ideas to life. 

A plethora of innovative ideas came up in the areas of Web 3.0, AI/ML, and other related tech fields. This blog will showcase one such project, which grabbed the eyeballs of the jury members and the audience. 

V2V (Vein to Vein) Monitoring

A blockchain-based web application for the blood bank to make this whole process easy and transparent. History of blood sachets will be stored on each node to lead users to the end-to-end tracking of blood sachets and their quality. This would facilitate consumers and donors staying away from illegal fraudulent activities.

Team Block4Trust, the creator of this project has:

…as members.

Problem Statement

Deficiency of a secure and transparent blood management system with traceability and quality assurance to prevent fraud and ensure patient safety while addressing issues such as lack of exchange information, single-time donors’ risk, and opaque sachet information. 

The problem of deficient blood management systems is critical and requires urgent attention as it poses a significant risk to patient safety, leading to the transmission of infections and the provision of ineffective treatments.

Furthermore, opaque sachet information can lead to uncertainty about the blood’s origin and quality, which can result in a lack of trust in the healthcare system.

The issue of single-time donors’ risk is another critical concern, as they may not undergo rigorous screening, making it difficult to identify potential health risks.

Additionally, the lack of exchange of information between hospitals and blood banks can result in a shortage of blood supply, which can further compound the problem of patient safety.

Therefore, it is essential to address these issues by implementing a secure and transparent blood management system that provides traceability and quality assurance.

This can help prevent fraud, ensure patient safety, and provide a reliable and trustworthy source of blood for those in need.

Real-life Stories

Solution And Features

Introducing V2V Monitoring

A cutting-edge blockchain app that’ll revolutionise the blood donation process.

With its end-to-end tracking system, you can trace every step of your blood sachet’s journey and ensure its quality. Plus, it helps keep you safe from shady activities – so donate with peace of mind today.


  • End-to-End Tracking: Storing details regarding donors, blood sachets, and transfers from donors to patients in blockchain to prevent all sorts of fraudulent activities from taking place.
  • Secure & Traceable: All the sensitive information will be stored in the blockchain, thus – no chance of data tampering, and easily traceable for donors after the donation
  • Inter Exchanging Information: Information interexchange by registering blood banks, hospitals, and healthcare in the application ensures quick access to blood sachets.
  • Known Origin of Blood: The patient stays aware of the origin of the blood, as the donor identity is recorded in each node of the blockchain network.
  • Quality of Blood: The test results of the donated blood are stored on the blockchain network to segregate the safe blood from unsafe ensuring the quality of blood.
  • Identity: The patient’s proper identity is also verified by Aadhar Card, so no wastage of blood is also guaranteed.
  • Emergency Blood Requirement: The hospital’s identity and patient records will be kept stored. Any misconduct from the hospital end would lead to registering an immediate complaint against them.
  • Donor Digital Token: A digital token will be assigned to every donor once they donate blood.

Tech Stack used

  • Frontend Technologies: ReactJS, HTML, CSS
  • Backend Technologies: NodeJS, ExpressJS, Solidity
  • Database: MongoDB
  • Blockchain: Public Blockchain Polygon
  • Wallet: Metamask
  • IDE: VS Code
  • Tools: Hardhat, Alchemy, IPFS, Remix IDE, Digi-Locker

Impact and Benefits

  • Fraud prevention 
  • Easy access to blood sachets
  • Traceable and flexible
  • Adequate privacy and security maintenance
  • User-friendly with real-time updates

Future Scope

V2V Tracking System is expected to bring remarkable changes in the course of time:

  • The exponential increase in data storage space
  • Guaranteeing reliability and accuracy by integrating the smart contract concept
  • Implementation of mobile notification facility
  • Digital certificate scanning mechanism
  • Blood sachet can be scanned using a QR scanner
  • Using Digi-Locker to achieve improved identity verification
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