Handheld POS and IoT are set to revolutionize India’s retail industry. Is your ERP ready?
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Handheld POS and IoT are set to revolutionize India’s retail industry. Is your ERP ready?

By Abhishek Rungta January 03, 2018 - 3,022 views

The world of retail is all about invisible players. In the current economic scenario, whenever a sector shows promising trends, powerful and unseen forces rush towards it and accelerate its growth. Similarly, the exponential boom in the retail sector today would not have been possible without the parallel technological advancement, especially in the field of management technology like ERP systems.

For those who are unfamiliar with the role of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems in global and local retail today, ERP is essentially an extremely effective tool that integrates diverse functions of the enterprise and corporate responsibilities by incorporating the most successful practices, to improve research and development, facilitate rapid decision-making, encourage cost reduction, monitor fleet and dispatch management, track revenues, and sustain better customer relationship management (CRM): in short, it provides a greater managerial insight and control on the entire process.

ERP Trends to look out for in 2018

IoT is the future and it’s high time we acknowledge how integrally everything else is linked to it. According to Forbes, “The analytics revolution, edge computing, and 5G cell processing—are all driven by the IoT at their core….up to 40% of all compute will happen at the edge in just the next couple of years.”  Trends that are already in place abroad and will eventually make their way into the retail sector in India, all focus on greater automation.

ERP is set to bring about an increase in outsourcing and global partnerships by integrating key business operations into one system so that you can conduct your business from anywhere with anyone in the world. According to an article published in Solutions Review, “With improved technology and streamlined global logistics, supply chains have released manufacturing from the limitations of geography. Moving information, data and products from one location to another has never been easier, faster or cheaper than it is today.”

With the advent of Cloud computing and SaaS making its foray into the domestic ERP market, further operational and infrastructural costs are likely to reduce, because the mainframe server and company database can now be uploaded and accessed online. This eliminates logistical and administrative factors too, now that the mediator is replaced by a bot. Recently launched Breeze ERP  is also uploadable on the cloud and encapsulates standards that ERP systems around the world will be expected to meet in the coming year.

Moving towards a handheld POS system

When it comes to purchasing and transaction, ERP’s today offer a handheld POS system which enables automated registration of responses and details from the consumer’s end, and quick secure payments without any third person intervention. Such ERP’s are becoming increasingly common at restaurants, departmental shops, and online delivery transactions. Besides the handheld point of sale functions, this feature also provides an organized and consolidated database for gathering customer information, registers shifting trends, and managerial functions based on these trends. 

Recently launched with state-of-the-art upgrades and features, Breeze ERP’s highly functional interface is set to make monitoring and managing sales on the seller’s end simpler. Besides reducing workload and managerial responsibilities by a considerable extent, Breeze ERP is extremely efficient in multitasking and simultaneously overseeing various modules involved in the life of a product from the warehouse to customer’s doorstep: manufacture, distribution, inventory, invoicing, financial accounting, customer relationship and servicing.

It is this 360° approach that elevates Breeze ERP to the level of a self-sufficient support system for the modern retailer. The role played by technology in retail is thus indisputable at this point. The fullest extent of its potential needs to be grasped at both ends of the demand and supply spectrum. Only then can we transcend rote modes of trade and manufacture, and transform retail into a space for vision and innovation. With Breeze ERP, this is finally a reality well within your grasp.

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