Have You Thought about Transforming the Company You Built with Love?

Have You Thought about Transforming the Company You Built with Love?

By Mainak Biswas June 29, 2016 - 1,339 views

When companies are started or envisioned, they have an almost missionary-style zeal to them. Company founders often believe their ideas are revolutionary and that they can change the world. However, after a few years, it becomes evident that a company requires a lot more than what was initially envisioned. In fact, many original missions and objectives may no longer be relevant to a company’s future success. This is when founders or head of the organizations should start thinking about transforming companies that they built with love.

Is it time to transform?

If you have a company and you are feeling stagnated, it is probably time to make certain changes, both structurally and ideologically, within your company. Let us try to understand how changes can help you to grow as a company and fulfill both societal and business goals. After all, the old adage ‘change or perish’ still holds good today, even if it is a cliché that everyone says these days. When we look at how we can change a company, it opens doors to previously unrecognized opportunities and doors, which will lead to a scaling and future-proofing. Making changes within a company is thus very crucial to its very existence.

Fighting resistance and plunging into transformation

There is usually a lot of psychological and organizational resistance to change. People do not like changes and if we are to change something that we created ourselves, sentimentality comes to play and may cause you to view your organization through a distorted lens. However, if you stepped aside and looked at your company from an outsider’s objectivity, you will realize that many of your previous objectives and mission statements are no longer valid or relevant. This is when you need to start thinking about transforming your company. There are many ways in which you can bring in transformation.

  • Technology
  • Culture
  • Products and Services
  • Structural Changes
  • Servicing different markets

To bring in these changes, decisions should not be arbitrary. You need to consult people you trust and sometimes, people you don’t necessarily trust. Once you have different views and opinions, take your time to list the pros and cons of different transformations. Look at your own company’s state objectively and do not be afraid to shake things up right from the base. Sometimes, transforming requires courage and a readiness to let go of things you love. We grow accustomed to older practices and ideas and find newer ones downright intimidating. Yet, if we do not accept transformation, we tend to remain stagnant or worse, be buried under the embers and ashes of time.

Make changes whilst you still can

If you really wish to grow as a company, it is probably time to make changes and bring in the transformation to the company you nurtured all these years. Let us just put it this way as our children grow older, their requirements change. We do not hold on to their older clothes and toys. We purchase newer ones, make changes to living spaces and if required, change schools or colleges. Likewise, think of your company as your child, and do not be afraid to bring transformations!

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