How Can Performance Agencies Ensure Higher Engagement & Lower Churn During COVID-19?

How Can Performance Agencies Ensure Higher Engagement & Lower Churn During COVID-19?

By Syed Zainul Haque July 31, 2020 - 3,518 views

COVID-19 has made a number of businesses vulnerable and also the agencies supporting them. However, some of the agency partners have in fact made their partnership stronger and became part of their clients journey. But why has this happened? 

The answer lies in McKinsey’s research about how technology and innovation will build up a superhuman combination to fuel a data-driven marketing and growth roadmap in the coming years. This is what the next-gen agencies started looking for some years ago. Strategic tech-partnerships to scale up their capability and scale of engagement.

Prime Triggers Behind Tech Partnerships

Tech-based breakthroughs lately reset the parameters of customer behaviour significantly. The increasing usage of AI, automation, analytics in different levels has already made these technology fixtures a topic for boardroom discussions.

However, having a complete technology stack in-house is not always a viable idea. Sometimes it is overly expensive, for which the performance-oriented agencies often look for strategic tech partnerships.

Let’s find out how a strong technology team can help agencies survive in this incessantly evolving marketplace.

Engagement with multiple touchpoints

Leveraging the full stack technology solutions from a strong team, helps agencies stay a step ahead of the competition. From consultation, campaign designing, product planning and development to marketing and customer support, a technology partner can help you engage with multiple touchpoints at a time to help you build your digital success story. Tech partners can help you complete the whole customer journey where you can create interesting digital assets, manage them and amplify its usage as well. Anything which allows you to grow your client’s businesses using digital technology can be executed without a major hassle. 

A Long Sustainable Journey

Working with a technology partner helps agencies survive in the long run. Today, when Covid-19 is posing a threat to maintaining an in-house team, remote partnerships are a survival imperative. Ranging from your software development to people with functional expertise, tech-partnerships promise long term support while mitigating financial as well as operational risks in a more streamlined manner. This way, agencies can get a partner responsible for growth in this world of sustainable growth.

As a global technology partner, we have watched this very closely while being at the junction of technology, marketing, and analytics. While being a partner for remote teams for a particular set of skills or a range of skills, we have seen how our partners grew Y-O-U with a similar set of clients. 

Minimized Cost of Ownership

 Technology is not something you may love and don’t want to have a dedicated team and it’s normal. With a quality-oriented tech partner, the challenge of adding to your overhead costs for supporting clients gets minimized. A technology partner can deliver you the technical expertise on a “pay-as you-go-model”. As a result, you do not need to bear the costs of maintaining a software development team when you no longer require it. 

Partnerships Which Back You When It Matters

“In the present scenario, when the marketplace is evolving rapidly, next-gen agencies are proactively looking to extend their capabilities. And, tech-partnerships are playing a key role to materialize this. However, it’s important to leverage services that integrate and implement seamlessly with the market demands”, says, Bharat Berlia, CIO, INT.

Bharat has also shared his experience about a recent project the team did with a Fortune 500 organization along with a digital marketing agency. He said, during the whole journey the team back in the UK had a steep deadline as they initially decided to do in-house. When they came to INT we took it as a challenge and delivered the project on-time and also supported them to get a follow-up project. The same is being developed as we speak. We are now their long term tech partner.

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