How to Improve Mobile App Security
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How to Improve Mobile App Security

By Mainak Biswas June 13, 2014 - 1,852 views

As mobile app developers, we know that there are a few applications that may pose security risks to users. If you have a mobile app of your own and would like to make sure that it gets rave reviews, you need to probably look at the security aspect of your app before looking at anything else.

Importance of mobile app security is manifold

A good application is, firstly, secure and safe. It need not pose privacy and data security related problems. Users need to feel safe and secure when they use it. Hundreds of thousands of apps are in the marketplaces and it is not inconceivable to think that many of these apps are faulty, when it comes to security protocols. If you have not given a thought about the security functions of your applications, it is time that you do.

Mobile app security makes you popular

It is often said that people abandon applications when they realize that a particular app is not so secure. Even if you update the software, many people who have jumped the ship might not return. It is always better to take the precautions before something serious happens. With that in mind, we need to discuss ways to ensure app security in this article. Some of the most important steps to ensure app security are as follows:

• Do not abandon manual testing

While it is always a good idea to automate everything, it is sometimes necessary to run a manual testing alongside. This ensures that computers do not overlook certain obvious threats that a human can observe. While automatic verifications can be done regularly, manual verification can be done once in a while so that we know that there is nothing wrong with the app’s security. Manual testing can be taken up by an outsourcing partner who will be better able to help you with reducing costs associated with all things manual.

• Use threat modeling

We live in a world that is increasingly complex. While technology has advanced a lot, there is a lot of stuff that we still need to understand and learn. Mobile devices have added another level of challenge to app developers as threats increase with every new platform. Earlier, we only had to deal with computer generated threats. Now, we must bear in mind that mobile devices can be equal partners in security threats. By using threat modeling, one can discover potential threats before they occur. Thus, it is important to use threat modeling alongside architecture and design reviews.

• Use mobile security standards

Just like IT governance, one also needs to write a sort of mobile policy. Along with that, it is important to come up with mobile security standards so that guidelines and standards are agreed upon. For different platforms, you will need to have different mobile security standards. While Apple’s iOS is slightly more secure, Android remains quite insecure when it comes to threats. Ask your developer to make sure that mobile security standards are written and used. It is important to have certain guidelines in place and also to follow them diligently.

• Invest in mobile app security

Sometimes, it requires a little money to buy security. Invest in software programs, devices and talent to ensure that your app security is taken care of. If you are not able to invest in mobile app security, outsource your mobile app security tasks to an agency, which specializes in handling third party tasks. This ensures that you do not spend valuable resources on ensuring app security, when specialists can take care of it for you. A little money invested for the purpose of security can not only save your mobile application but also your business in the long term.

As we move towards a more mobile world, data and security related threats will increase even more. It is very important to invest time and money in security so that threats are handled swiftly, even before they can cause damage. While it is not possible to ensure that there won’t be any threats at all, it is always possible to be on guard and take all the necessary precautions so that we are not in a position where we need to be sorry.

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