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In Pursuit of Creativity

By Mainak Biswas August 02, 2006 - 766 views

Creativity – The Holy Grail

All organizations relentlessly pursue creativity. To some its a matter of making minor improvements while for others, it is a matter of survival. Without creative people your organization will rot and die.

When we talk about creativity – we generally tend to refer to thinking, reacting, discussing and solving a problem in imaginative ways.

Creative people are characterized by: 

  • Flexibility i.e.  They are quick to see the problems from others perspective 
  • Fluidity i.e. They can generate a lot of ideas about a given problem or scenario 
  • Positive Orientation i.e. They do not get lost in arguments and focus on problems 
  • Risk Taking i.e. They do not mind challenging the status-quo 

Above all, there is one more characteristic which people simply tend to ignore and that is “Knowledge”

Knowledge over Subject or Topic

People who do not have knowledge over their discipline or area of work are not creative! They are guys who are just guessing the answer and are throwing 100 darts in the dark with a hope that atleast one of them hits the board.

Will you call a child who painted a “green colored sun” as creative? Hardly! I will call it lack of knowledge. Give this child a task to design a space craft and I bet, the results will be very creative!! Similarly, bringing such a child to solve management problems is not promoting creativity but a wastage of time.

Regardless of the popular opinion, creativity has to be knowledge driven. Knowledge that is acquired by years of hard work or education and reading. It’s not possible to have expert knowledge in all areas thus; it is not possible to be creative in all areas.

Creativity is subject or topic focused and not generic in nature! Without knowledge even fools may sounds creative. But, you don’t want fools to work for you now, do you? 

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