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Indus Net Academy forays into E-Learning

By Mainak Biswas January 11, 2008 - 752 views

Indus Net Academy has recently forayed into E-Learning business to make its presence more complete in education space. We have been doing R&D on this project since last six months with great success.

We understand that knowledge concentration is increasing in bigger towns and cities due to the luxuries of urban life. There are few learned people who wish to go and spend time in the countryside (forget about dedicating a lifetime) to share their knowledge and educate the less priviledged ones.

Indus Net Academy will act as a knowledge distribution hub for masses using its state-of-the-art technology platform for rapid e-learning content development and delivery (using CDs, DVDs, E-Books, Computer Based Training Software, Web Based Training Softwares and Kiosks) at a price that even a poor farmer can afford.

We promise that –

1) Value-for-money will be re-defined,
2) Barriers to education & knowledge will fall apart,
3) Usability will be stretched to its extreme and
4) Technology will be optimally used to teach the less privileged

It is more than a venture for the Indus Net Technologies’ E-Learning Team. It’s a passion that they all share, since they know that they can together bring about the change which will have far reaching social-economical change in the society we live in. If you wish to become a part of this team, write to us at

Our e-learning products will be available under the following categories:

1) IT education
2) Academic education
3) Soft skill development
4) Moral development / Entertainment / Classic series

We will soon publish our schedule of release of titles. A sample chapter from HTML/CSS training CD will be put online for your input.

For any commercial enquiries, please contact

Note: Currently, we are not licensing or soliciting requests for using our e-learning platform for corporate training programs. It is purely been utilized for our own products.


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