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Indus Net Technologies re-affirm its credibility through Paypal Reputation Numbers

By Mainak Biswas August 09, 2007 - 682 views

Today, Indus Net Technologies reached another milestone. We have reached 1000+ Reputation Number (Seller) at Paypal.

What are these Reputation Numbers?
Here is a mini guide directly from

Reputation Numbers are a new feature developed to help PayPal members better evaluate the person or business with whom they are transacting. The feature measures how active a member has been within the PayPal community by showing the number of unique Verified PayPal members with whom they have transacted.

Reputation Numbers are an indicator of trustworthiness because members who have completed transactions with many other Verified PayPal members over time are unlikely to have been participating in fraudulent transactions. This is because members who have completed transactions with lots of other Verified PayPal members over time are unlikely to have been participating in fraudulent transactions, as such activity would result in the member being removed from PayPal.

So why is this important to you as a customer or a prospective customer?

This simply means that you are dealing with a trustworthy IT partner who is not a fly-by-night operator and your money is safe here. We have build up this reputation by keeping a simple philosophy of “delivering value for our customers’ money”. We make our commitments, our policy known in advance and follow the same in a transparent way. If you do not get value from us as per our initial agreement, you get your money back!

Another thing. When we told several prospective customers that we have served more than thousand customers, they found it difficult to believe. I am sure this will not be the case anymore as our claim is backed up by a third party data who processes a part of our payment.

I understand, it is difficult to trust a company in a different country, especially when the relationship is entirely based on digital communication channels like email, voice and document exchanges. It is very easy to misrepresent and lie about one’s infrastructure, capabilities, resources and client base. This results in many companies been taken for a ride by several offshore outsourcing companies from hot outsourcing destinations like India, Brazil, etc. The problem multiplies for small businesses because they do not have means to verify credibility and capabilities of these outsourcing companies.

We are trying to solve it for our customers in our own way. We continue to host more and more clients in Kolkata to see them around our facilities, have them meet our team members, our vendors and show them our way of doing things. If you are interested in visiting our facility, please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager at Indus Net Technologies.

Dear Customers – I will like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing your trust in a company which did not have this “credibility landmark” before today. You have helped us in building Indus Net Technologies. This landmark is dedicated to you all!


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