Insurance News Wrap | Weekly Snippets

Insurance News Wrap | Weekly Snippets

By Soumya Banerjee July 14, 2023 - 70 views

✅ ZhongAn has unveiled its groundbreaking roadmap for AI and AIGC integration into the insurance industry that aims at enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and customer experience.

✅ Trufla and Goose Digital are joining forces to drive digital innovation in the brokerage industry. This partnership will equip brokers with cutting-edge technology and strategic expertise.

✅ Corvus Insurance has unlocked a new era of underwriting excellence. With advanced algorithms and predictive analytics, the tech is streamlining operations, reducing risks, and empowering insurers with invaluable insights.

✅ Sedgwick is driving innovation in the insurance industry. From smart technology to real-time data analysis, they’re staying at the forefront of industry trends to provide their end users with the best coverage and service.

Insurance News Wrap | Weekly Snippets
Insurance News Wrap | Weekly Snippets

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