INT. Celebrating 25th Year Of  Digital Transformation By Bringing Together The Extraordinary Minds

INT. Celebrating 25th Year Of Digital Transformation By Bringing Together The Extraordinary Minds

By Ankan October 20, 2021 - 490 views

“Brainstorming is the nexus of ideas”- rightly said by A.D. brown, and at INT., we are practising it for a long. For the last few decades, we are witnessing the acceleration of digital transformation by building digital-first businesses. To gain a competitive advantage and deliver value to the customers, we bring the industries’ best minds together to brainstorm on the defined problems and innovate solutions. On the 25th year of celebrating success at INT., we bring you the most insightful snippets of #digitalsuccess dialogue from our astute leaders across the industries. 

Re-Imagining Realtors By Re-Defining The Actions

In one of the episodes of #DigitalSuccess Dialogue, we decided to deep dive into the challenges and opportunities of realtors to understand how real-estate stalwarts are lining up digital strategies to overcome these sudden hurdles. Thus, we invited Dr Niranjan Hiranandani, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Hiranandani Group of Companies, and Mr Apurva Salarpuria, Salarpuria Sattva Group.

On the rise of digitisation in real estate, Dr Hiranandani concluded, “Yes! Digital acceleration has taken place during the pandemic. Whether it is going to stay in the future? The answer is yes! If you ask whether it will be the only way of conducting business, then the answer is no! As people will demand touch and feel experience while buying their future home. Some changes are bound to happen. How much will it be sustainable? Time will tell!”

The upsurge of digitisation occurred due to the ongoing pandemic. In the real estate sector and across various sectors, digitisation is considered as an antidote to the crisis. The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has also given rise to social distancing norms, which stalled daily business operations. Thus, the WFH concept took the front seat and became trendy during this unprecedented period.

Adding to it, Mr Salarpuria gave insight into the new concept of co-living and co-working business model. He further added, “The significant change that I felt in the pandemic is the ‘mindset’. Customers are willing to engage on a zoom call or any virtual platform. Change in the mindset towards digital is the most significant change that we have seen during the pandemic.”

In this episode of #digitalsuccess dialogue, we came up with the key takeaways:

  • Digitisation is the future, but it won’t be the only way in conducting business. 
  • Evolving mindset of the customer is acting as a catalyst for building new real-estate capabilities.
  • “The flight to quality and safety” is observed among customers’ priority lists.
  • The rise in usage of advanced technologies such as blockchain technology augmented reality, and chatbots will be seen in this sector.
  • The realtors adopt digitisation in enhancing the customer experience with personalisation.

Fintech And Open Banking- Phygitalization

This decade has witnessed the rise of “Experience banking”, and as the COVID-19 pandemic grasped the world with various challenges, people have adopted digitisation in banking. This gives rise to ‘Phygitalisation’. It means taking a phygital leap towards a new structure to add value to the customer through experience. Therefore to explore more about this new form of banking, we, in our one of the episode of #DigitalSuccess Dialogue, invited Bruno Macedo, Head of Delivery Implementations at five°degrees, Speaker, Lecturer, and Fintech Evangelist with more than 19 years of international experience to talk on the phygital model and how banking sectors and fintech are adapting it for survival.

“Fintechs need to go beyond simple digitisation by adopting physical architecture to leap to a new productivity frontier,” Bruno advised.

Phygital is a process that cannot occur within a few weeks; it is a step by step process—becoming phygital starts with becoming agile to respond to the changes besides the technical side of things. Robust infrastructure provides information to forecast the future and a feedback card of each interaction gives a holistic view of the overall experience.

Phygital architecture is setting up an ecosystem where customer value will increase throughout the journey by reducing cost. Better customer experience needs to understand the hurdles they face while using it. “Reimagine the bank with more human contact but at the same time becoming more digital,” says Bruno.

The Phygital model, which is a confluence of digital and physical, helped in various ways. Therefore the key takeaways from this episode of #digitalsuccess dialogue are:

  • Big tech companies are pampering consumers with advanced technology by providing seamless interaction.
  • B.I., Analytics, Quantum Computing, A.I., ML, IoT are the processes and methods used in the omnichannel of banking interaction to have an “intelligent context-aware conversation” with customers.
  • Phygital provides a 360-degree view of life stages, customer relationships, and life-cycle.

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