Indus Net Technologies (INT.) Collects Its First Review on Clutch!
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Indus Net Technologies (INT.) Collects Its First Review on Clutch!

By Syed Zainul Haque December 10, 2018 - 1,996 views

We offer digital solutions to our clients with passion, commitment, and care. We help clients expand their businesses digitally. Most importantly, we help clients save money by leveraging the power of the internet. Our digital services range from web development to digital marketing. In any area of our expertise, we want to ensure we provide our clients with the highest quality work. That’s why we joined Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform that assesses the quality of our work.

Through market research, Clutch is a platform that helps prospective buyers make an informed decision when selecting their next service provider. Clutch’s evaluation of a company’s market presence takes into account their social media presence, industry expertise, and, most importantly, former client projects. By having a profile on their site, we’re opening ourselves up to the Clutch team that will actually call and speak with our business partners to get a firsthand account of what it’s like working with us.

We’re happy to announce that Indus Net Technologies (INT.) has ranked highly in Clutch’s analysis; we’re rated amongst the top mobile app development companies in 2018. While this is a great honour, we’re most proud of our client reviews, without which we never would have achieved this recognition. Here’s a glimpse of the first review we’ve collected on our Clutch profile since joining their site!

We’re thankful to our former clients for providing these reviews of our work. Because of our high rankings on Clutch, we’re also featured on their sister website, The Manifest, as one of the top PHP developers in 2018. It’s been amazing getting the third-party recognition!

In today’s digital world, businesses can’t afford to not have a functioning mobile app. Whatever your technology needs, whether it be a mobile app or a website, we want to provide you with the best technology services. Now that you’ve seen our favourable third-party reviews for yourself, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for your next digital project.

We’re proud of our high rankings on Clutch and The Manifest, and we thank all those who have helped our company grow in these past years. We look forward to facing the challenges of the upcoming new year by continuing our award-winning services to new and ongoing clients.

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